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Buyer wants to cancel the order after completion

I had completed a video for a buyer. The order included script, animation and voiceover.
I first delivered the script and he liked it so i started the animation. Then after creating the animation the last part was voiceover. I sent buyer messages and samples about which voice he like and want to use in the animation but didn’t get a response for 3 days so i delivered the order with script and animation. I also sent him a message that whenever he is back just let me know which voiceover he wants to use and i will add it no matter whether order is marked as completed or not.
Then after 5 days he replies back and say that he want to cancel the order. I asked him that he like the script i also delivered the animation which is the main part if he needs any revision or want me to change the whole animation and do it from scratch just let me know.
But he just keep on saying he needs a refund.

Now i don’t want to refund him because i spent a lot of time for the script and animation already which he liked too. He is also not giving a reason why he wants a refund.

What to do in this situation.

Make a screenshot where he approved the script and the animation and tell the same story to Fiverr CS. I hope, they will help you.


when a buyer want to cancel during order i think you have to cancel it but after completion i think he can’t cancel it…:thinking:


If you don’t want to cancel this order, then contact fiverr customer support and tell about this situation. If you think, if your buyer want to cancel this order, then you don’t accept his cancel offer, then it’s not a good decision. Because your buyer able to cancel this order by contacting fiverr support. So, I suggest you contact customer support and tell your problem. It’s the best solution for your problem. If customer support cancel this order to complain for your buyer, then it;s not a good for your account. So, contact first in customer support.


yes i also read fiverr Rules and it states that buyer can’t cancel after order is completed unless the delivered work is copyrighted or contain non-commercial service.
Which its not, as buyer have complete commercial rights.

i will contact them.

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I will contact them now.

you don’t have to contact CS i think the buyer will contact if he wants to cancel …