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Buyer wants to cancel the order after delivering the projects

First of all, the client asked us to do cryptocurrency Exchange website along with the documentation on how to add coins. Before placing the order, he hadn’t said about the NDA document. Also, he said that he will do the
installation and configuration part, but not at the initial stage.
As per his wish, we have delivered all the scripts before the deadline and documentation. and he asked us to instruct the installation and configuration process. But he hadn’t said before placing an order… Also, he forced to sign the NDA document after delivery of the project and said that he will cancel the order if we didn’t sign. But we have explained and request him. After it gets cleared… And we have instructed him about the installation and configuration part nearly 15 days… And also we have asked him that we can do it on your server after you can change your credentials… But he is not ready to give. Also, we are giving all the details from past 15 days. still, he is blaming us and threatening us.

As per his order, we have delivered all and made corrections too… Also, we have installed and configured all ou scripts at DO server and sent the details to him. It’s working fine… exchange is working good. But he is still saying that we have delivered unfinished products.

Really what should we do? We have delivered and also provided working demo everything from our end.
After placing an order, he has done many changes to the order. As of now, we co-operated with him.
But after receiving our scripts and details, he wants to cancel the order and araised dispute.

You can see our chat here.

before he reaches, you should Reach to CS and explain everything with Screen shots to them and send them gig explanations about what you offer in how much and what buyer asked to create at first stage!
include all SCs with red marks on them so CS can easily find fact !
so when ever client will reach to them they wont directly cancel that order., They will suggest you mutually solve this so you might got new small order and after cancel this larger…you will only get paid partially…because client says he is not satisfied, CS wont give you all money but wont cancel your order either!

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Thanks for your reply.
Will do it accordingly.