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Buyer wants to cancel the order after delivery

after delivering my work, buyer is asking me to cancel the offer. I have already given the files as he wanted. now he saying that he is not satisfied. I have work past 3 days on this project. give me a suggestion. What should I do?


Don’t cancel. Don’t let someone scam you.


what should I do? He has dispute on my order. Even if I don’t reply the order will be cancel after 2 days.

Keep pressing the “decline the dispute” button until he gives up. :wink:


Great advice from @vickiespencer. Some people also contact support, but from what I’ve read in the forum, support just tells you to deal with it yourself.


Am scared if he report my ID!

It’s really disaster when client wants to cancel the order after delivery. In Fiverr the client priority is higher than Seller. You already spent 3 days on this project but there is someone whom don’t understand the time value either. I suggest you if you can try to convince him if he needs anything else or ask him what actually he wants. Feel him good. If then if you have full confidence that you can contact CS. They might give you best solution. Or the client isn’t good I think you should cancel the order because if he report on your id that affect on your profile. So be careful and handle it in a good way. Best of luck.

That’s why you should never do projects on Fiverr that take that long. It’s very risky and the stakes are high, plus there’s no point if you’re not paying to cover the hours you’re spending.

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Reports you for what? From what you’re saying he’s trying to get free work.

If you delivered what you said you would deliver and the quality isn’t poor, then he owes you the money. You did the work. Don’t let him blackmail you if that’s what he’s doing.

Reports are meaningless unless they’re reporting a breach of ToS.

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Nothing you have said here is good advice.

Harrassing a buyer to try to convince him “he needs anything else” is a bad idea. Expecting Fiverr to step in and solve things in your favor is also a bad idea. Fiverr is not going to solve this for you – they expect buyers and sellers to work things out on their own. And cancelling after work is done is a terrible idea. If a seller delivers the work that a buyer hired them to do, and fulfills all of the promises in their gig, the seller deserves to get paid for that work.


You’re encouraging sellers to exploit themselves in order to avoid a bad review. That’s really unfair and a very poor business practice.

Let’s focus on helping people NOT be exploited.


I really appreciate your kind words. I had to cancel the order because of his behaviour. My order completion rate shows 50% now. And it shows (-$80). I don’t understand what that means. Do I have to pay the refund???

I don’t know… I think it depends on one’s business and such. Most of my orders have 2 week or 28 day delivery times since it’s big things like novels and/or novellettes (though I usually get it to them in half the time I set the delivery as).

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You didn’t have to cancel… Only CS can force cancellation when both parties don’t agree.


That’s so, so, so risky. Wow.

Guess I like to live on the edge :joy:. I never thought about how risky it was until you mentioned it.


if you deliver the work according to the buyer requirements and because of his bad intention he force you badly to cancel the order, then you had more chance to win the case. why you were agreed to cancel the order? you helped him to harass a seller. it’s also a crime.

I think it’s better to contact CS. Because if he place 1star review for your order the things will go wrong.

First don’t give the source files until he approves the order for this you can do order in milestones if the order is of $50 then do 2 miles stones $45 and $5 after he approves the first send source files, until then you can send JPG images with a watermark on it

and don’t be afraid to of negative review if he threatens you report him


This thing was happen to my very first order on fiverr,But don’t give up.

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