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Buyer Wants to cancel the order after getting the Delivery

Hi everyone I hope you find it in the best of your health. I have a issue I want your guys help. I have an order for a simple report related to the use of PLC programming languages. The file the buyer share with me has two activities. In Our conversation and understating the work he want he asked me just do the activity 1. Which I have done and delivered. Then after the delivery he asked me can you do the activity 2 as well I told him yes I can but that has to be a separate order as this one was just for the Activity 1. Right after saying that he open the dispute and asked me to cancel the order by giving the reason that I am not qualified for the work and he could have done the same work in 5 minutes. I am shocked and disturbed due to that. I don’t know what to do. I have just started working and I do every order with full dedication. He has no issue until i have said that brother the order was just 1 Activity which I delivered now if you want another work to be done you need to place another order. Please guide me what to do. I haven’t accepted or declined the cancel request

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Politely send him the screen shot in which he stated he is happy with the job one

also send him the custom offer for the other job added to it

decline the cancel request by saying, I am qualified to do the job but I will have to charge you extra for the extra work.

in the mean time also send a message to customer support with screen shot and all the info in one message so that they don’t have to go back and forth and consume time. ( it will not have any result thought)

try to convince the buyer that you have done the work as per the order and for the second job you will have to charge for it


I think he also knows what he said… he is only trying to get away with free work .

this is one of the most common signs that your buyer is trying to scam you … definitely he’s not able to do anything in 5 minutes , he is just being rude and wants to make you feel bad.

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I have messaged him and try to resolve the issue but he is not responding despite being online. I am worried about the effect he does if i decline the cancel request to mine profile and rating and if i accept the cancel request what effects would it cause to mine profile with the money, time and effort gone wasted already. I don’t know what to do can you recommend me how to get out of this situation with the minimum damage. I would be very thankful to you

I have submitted the complain to the customer support with all the screen shots of the conversation. How he was ok for me to do more work for him till I ask him that he need to place another order for the extra work. Then I just go to dispute center and want me to cancel the order on the baseless arguments. I have also tried to ask him that I can revise the work if he think there is something need to be revised If that resolve the issue. But he is not responding. Let’s see how it goes I have’t done anything regarding the dispute I haven’t accepted or declined it. I anyone have any advice plz tell me. I am new here and I didn’t expected that kind of stuff at all.