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Buyer wants to cancel the order and then order again!


The buyer just sent me the message stating that he want’s to cancel the order and then order again as he used the wrong credit card to make the payment. He wants to cancel the order so he can order again using the right credit card!
The buyer sent this message a few minutes ago:
I made the payment with a credit card that I don’t’ use anymore, could you cancel the order and make a new one that I can put the other payment method on?”

Any suggestions? What to do!?


You have no control over which payment method a buyer uses - drop CS a note and see what they say.

I hope it doesn’t end up as a cancellation for you.


it will end up in cancellation you’ll need to cancel it if buyer is not willing
talk with him see if there is another way to this situation


Yeah, I’ve already sent a request to the help center about this.


I’ve talked with him. He wants to cancel the order and then order again using the credit card he wants to use! Told him about the problem I’m going to have. He asked if its still going to affect on my prfile if he cancel the order!


ok tell him to place the order using right credit card then previous order will be cancelled


yeah, you should be able to petition to have it removed if it does count as a cancel. That wouldn’t seem fair to you :confused:


I know right, :frowning_face: I’ve sent CS a message about it. Let’s see what they say about it!


CS would reply that, even though it’s not his fault, there’s nothing they can do about it. Every cancellation counts against the seller.


they have a reasonable request. and it wouldn’t really be anyone’s fault, so no one should be punished. ;D


But the seller’s cancellation rate will be affected because of this regardless.


I know. What I was saying is they should be able to petition to have it removed and this transaction not count against them. Despite what the normal procedure is.


I’m sorry - I’m out of hearts. :purple_heart:

There is no ‘reasonable’ reason now for which a mutual (no fault) cancellation can be granted.

This has gone on for several months and there’s no sign of anybody wanting to do anything about it. This is why cancellations are such a touchy subject at the moment - sorry.


Oh! Now I see. Yes, I mentioned this in one of my only other comment and I got flamed to hell. I was thinking perhaps this forums was a place where people troll and hate on others XD. I guess there was another thing going on ;D