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Buyer wants to cancel the order because he is not satisfied


So there’s this buyer, he sent me all the requirements and then placed the order when I sent him the custom offer. After hours of work I designed a label which is all according to his requirements. But when I sent him the JPEG and asked him if he needs anything changed, he didn’t respond and after a few hours he sent me cancellation request saying that he is not satisfied and I am not capable to do his work. I rejected the cancellation and again asked him if there are any changes please specify but again he kept on sending cancellation requests. I also sent him the printable pdf in the final delivery. Again he requested cancellation without stating any changes. I have also written to customer support about the issue.
What should I do?
I don’t want my work to go waste because I have worked according to his requirements


Hi. It’s often hard to tell someone else what to do because we only get to know what one side writes about the issue, however, based on what you wrote …

That’s most probably exactly the right thing you’ve done there, and what you should keep doing. Support might tell you to work it out with the buyer, which, again, would mean to tell him that you’ll provide revisions as promised in your gig description if he tells you what he isn’t happy with and what they’d like you to change.

However, you may have a problem because your gig promises the unholy trinity of:

Unlimited Revisions
Full Client Satisfaction
Money Back Guarantee

I’d estimate that about 99% of all regular forum users would tell you that if you write that in your gig, you’ll have to honour it, or support might make you honour it, and that you should take it out of your gig description ASAP, as it attracts unreasonable buyers and such who want both the work and their money back from the get-go, before they even saw the work you delivered.

In any case, as you have already written to support, wait for their reply before you do anything else.


Thanks alot for your help

I don’t know about this.

I’m on your side and a bad seller is a bad seller.

Even if you go through the customer support process and they want y’all to work it out, completing the order will only result in a 1 star review for you.

You can chose:

a)Fight to not let your work go to waste and almost certainly get a 1 star review upon completing the order.

b)Ask CS to cancel the order in a way it won’t affect your completion rate but let your work go to waste.

c)Cancel the order and take the bad order cancelation rate.

I suggest going with option “b” for this.


I will agree with Option B if I am in your place.

a bad rating is a bad rating and it will stay with you forever. When dealing with this kind of client, one of the best options is to let it go. You can make some new labels again and again but you cant remove a 1star stain from your profile.

You have a very good 5-star streak. You should try to keep it that way.

In the end, Its just my opinion. Do what you think is best for your business.


This is from Fiverr’s policy page. So if the seller is trying to get free work, remind him of this but do it professionally :wink:

“Additionally, when an order is cancelled, you no longer retain the rights to use any of the services or the items delivered to you. All transfer and assignment of intellectual property to you shall be subject to full payment for the Gig, and the delivery may not be used if payment is cancelled for any reason”

Refer to this page [] if you have anymore questions