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Buyer wants to cancel the order because he made order from another seller [Solved]

Hello, thank you for reading this. I am in some kind of strange situation which I am not sure what should I do. Two days ago I got a message from a buyer that he wants to work with me. After we exchanged few messages, he agreed to work work with me, I send him a custom offer. Three hours after that, he send a message, telling me, that I can cancel the order because he ordered from another seller. I send a message to CS if they could cancel the order, but after 38 hours, I still didn’t get a response. In 5 hours from now I need to deliver the order, I still didn’t received any answer from the CS, and I will probably need to cancel the order by myself which will of course affect my rating. Should I wait for CS to answer me, or should I cancel the order?


Or maybe you ask the buyer to extend the order time for the CS to reply.
Just explain to the buyer why need extend, maybe the buyer will agree :slight_smile:

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Cs is not replying to me either almost 72 hours I submitted a query still no response. I don’t know if it is true or not I have heard that fiverr team is changed that is the reason of so many bugs these days on Fiverr

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Yes, there is a problem. I don’t think the buyer is really that nice and I think he did this on purpose. While we were chating about what he needs he send me a message demanding me to deliver the files in one day for the same price. I refuse to do that because what he was doing is questioning the quality of my work. So he basically tried to manipulate me while offending my work to get the delivery in one day. I told him that if he is uncertain in quality of my work why would he even wants to work with me. I also refused to work whit him. He apologized and told me that I was getting that in the wrong way and he still want to work with me. And that is when I made a mistake, I felt bad because of my answer and felt like I was overreacting, and I send him a custom offer. So this is also a big lesson for me.

I have no idea what is going on, but I am doing my best to keep up with everything on this platform. I am always delivering the best work I can, I have multiple clients that work with me for a long time and also a lot of new clients that wants to work with me. I have a feeling that I am not protected in any case and I don’t like that. The buyer want me to cancel the order because he ordered from another seller, probably because he found a cheaper seller, that can’t be my fault, and now I have to pay for that.

I can feel you. If you check the Fiverr forum page you will see that a lot of sellers are complaining that buyer has cancelled the order why because from last month there are a lot of bugs on platform Fiverr support team is not responding to emails this is increasing the number of scams on Fiver I believe

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I can’t say this client is scamer, but he did trick me. Thank you for replying and learn from my mistakes, if someone don’t feel nice and you are not sure that you want to work with him, then don’t. :smiley:

If you ask for an extension it means you’re going to deliver. It probably isn’t good for your status if you ask for one thing and then reneg on it (cancel).

I would just cancel.

I’m sorry CS is being unresponsive, @yvannna, and I’m sorry the buyer did this to you.


@humanissocial @umersohail966 @dntkachairing Thank you so much for all your replies. I have send a request to the buyer to cancel the order, but he is not answering, and delivery should be in next 15 minutes. I still hope this will turn out good, with at least just decreased order competition and not 1 star canceled order rating.

To be honest I would’ve waited for CS to reply

You wouldn’t get 1 star review right away. @zerlina84 gave you a misleading information.

Buyer will be able to automatically cancel and leave one star review only after the order being 48 hours late after the deadline.


Thank you for your reply. I didn’t know that the CS will take so much time to reply, and I didn’t want to send the request to the buyer to cancel the order as it would affect my ratings, I already had two order canceled few weeks ago, one buyer ordered a wrong gig, and the second one ordered something that I don’t even offer.

Thank you for letting me know this.

So sorry about this…

Update: CS canceled the order without affecting my rates. Thank you all for your support!

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