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Buyer wants to cancel the order before deadline because another seller has completed his same order

The day before yesterday, I received an order. The deadline for completion was 4 days. And yesterday the buyer stated dispute saying that the order is already done by another faster seller. And he created an issue that the seller is not qualified to do the work.

He had given the same order to one of my friends too and the same he did with him.
Now please guide me what should I do? What will be worse if I cancel the order or an order with bad rating?

I worked hard to maintain my rating to 5 stars. Now, I’m afraid if this will degrade my gig.
Please guide me.
Thank you.


I’m sure you realise this, but your buyer is an idiot.

He is NOT entitled to cancel an order because someone else completed the work ahead of you. He is a complete fool commissioning at least three people to do the same job. This is not how Fiverr works and he is being abusive.

Technically, so long as you all deliver completed work as per the terms of the gig - then you are all entitled to full payment.

However, you will have to be prepared for a fight. The simplest thing to do is to report the buyer to customer support: Attach screenshots that clearly show your buyer telling you he is disputing the order because someone else has completed the work.

Remember, it is important to challenge bullies. Based on what you’ve said, there is no doubt that this buyer is a bully. I therefore send you my best wishes in defeating him and his nasty ways.


In theory it sounds great … however support can’t force a buyer to accept an order so giving screenshots and explaining the situation in this case won’t really do much ( in my opinion at least ) it could only end up with a warning for the buyer perhaps.

In my opinion best thing to do is to explain the situation to support and asked them to cancel the order without affecting your stats .


True. But they can’t cancel it either (as long as CS understands what happened and sides with the seller). The buyer can keep requesting cancelations, and the seller can keep refusing them. His money will be stuck forever.


not really … if he’s an 'abusive buyer ’ he can only do a chargeback even if he loses his account… a cancelled order due to a chargeback affects your account. He might not care if he loses his account , he can always create a different one if this is the game that he’s playing , it’s not worth it in my opinion. Arguing with a buyer on fiverr usually doesn’t end up good for the seller , it’s only an opinion OP can do as he considers best

Not really. If CS plays by the rules, you are entitled to not be affected on stats and get a refund on a chargeback. Now, the question is if CS will play by the rules. That’s a different matter.

Am I right in assuming that the buyer could just leave really bad feedback potentially crippling the seller’s account for a long time?

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yes you are , he can also do that …

I also see that OP has gigs starting from 5$ and 10$ … not sure if it’s worth arguing with a buyer ( assuming the order was 5$ or 10$ ) and risk ending up with 1 star review even if the buyer wasn’t right

Raising a bit the price would also help perhaps in the future…


I do agree with your words. The order was of $40. I have contacted to customer support for sorting this matter safely without affecting my ranking.
But don’t know how much time it will take in processing my request.
The delivery time still have 2 days and 6 hours approx. If before the end of delivery time customer support doesn’t respond, should I cancel the order?

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No, don’t cancel. Deliver the work once you are done using the deliver button. Play your part to the end. CS actually takes 10 days to respond sometimes, so deliver and let it be there in revision


But what if he will give bad review? It will degrade my gig and my rating. I’m worried about that.


Also he has taken access of his account from me so I can’t perform any task so what I’ll deliver.

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I understand. But bad reviews don’t stick forever. It would cause a temporary drop in your ratings but If you have other reviews, they could cancel out his. I see you have 9 good ones already. Also, you have a chance to reply his review from your end and tell your own side.

Canceling the order has a side effect. It will drop your order completion rate, and delivered on time rate. Let CS handle it. If they cancel it, it won’t affect your stats


This time, it could only end up with a warning for the buyer. The Trust & Safety team might keep that buyer on the radar, though, to see if that’s something he routinely does. If he keeps doing it, he could get banned.

And then just open a new account.

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