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Buyer wants to cancel the order before delivery


I’ve got an order from buyer, 5 days ago, I am currently working on it, but buyer wants to cancel the order, even 1 day left in delivery.

will the cancellation degrade my profile??
whats an alternative to save my gig, undergoing cancellation.
any suggestion ?

Buyer cancelled the order before delivery
Buyer wants to cancel the order before I deliver the order

I think there is no way to save, o also suffering.


If there’s nothing you can do then move on.


First of all - speak with buyer. Try to find solution to avoid cancellation.
If he want some changes, use time, make it. It is better to spend 2 hours more on some work then you receive negative mark or cancellation.

I hope that you will find the best solution for you and client!

Wish you luck!