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Buyer wants to cancel the order but I don’t feel it right

So my buyer wants to cancel the order but I don’t agree with the reason. She choose that my order not meet her requirements. But at the same time I haven’t fully delivered anything just sent her the first draft of the work and she didn’t respond to my messages. I was waiting for her and texted multiple times to get a feedback but got nothing.

Can I decline the cancellation and I cancel myself the order for the reason she didn’t respond to me?

Will it affect my ratings?

I know if I accept mutual cancellation my ratings will go down.

Regardless if you initiate the cancellation or your buyer does, it will affect your order completion rate.

The only way to have it not affect your analytics is if customer service cancels it for you - but, I doubt this will occur.


Any cancelation (for the most part) will effect your stats.

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This is so sad for seller who really try to deliver a good work but buyers didn’t respond

All you can do is deny the cancellation - but then you open up the other Pandora’s Box where the buyer can give a low rating which will affect your analytics too.


In this situation, I would always prefer to cancel rather than continuing to work with a headache buyer and possibly, probably, getting a spiteful review which can do more long-term “damage” to a profile. Maaaybe CS will cancel it for you without your stats dropping, but maybe not. It seems to depend on what side of the bed the CS agent got out on.
If you do take the hit, then your completion rate will be back to 100% after 60 days anyway.


I know your ratings will go down if you accept mutual cancellations. But if you don’t cancel, if the buyer makes you a bad comment, it will do you more harm.

Did you deliver by using the “official delivery button” on the order page, and the customer sent an “official cancellation request”, or did you just send your draft without actually delivering and the customer just asked you to cancel in text form?
If the former, and you ask support to cancel for you, that might lead to a warning on top of the cancellation. You’re supposed to only use the delivery button for completed work, not for drafts.

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