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Buyer wants to cancel the order just after I delivered it

I am video creator on Fiverr and I really need your advice, guys!

The buyer wants to cancel the order just after I delivered it.
I am not sure but it seems to me this is fraud.

He confirmed the script, he wrote “This is excellent”,
He confirmed the voiceover, he wrote “Its great”,
but just after I delivered the video he asked to cancel the order.
(Yes, he can download the video and use it, Fiverr works this way)

I tried to discuss with him what exactly he doesn’t like,
I offered to give him 3 free revisions (as described in my gig), but he just said: " I am not interested in this service anymore".

I think he doesn’t want to pay but will use this video…
I don’t want to cancel this order, I think it is unfair and dishonest.

I declined his request to cancel and he sent me it one more time.
Custom Support said to communicate with him and offer revisions…
But he doesn’t need revisions, I asked him 3 times about that.

If this order will be canceled before March 15, I will lose my TRS level :sob::sob::sob:

My questions:

  1. How sellers protected from fraud on Fiverr? Or each buyer can ask to refund money after the video delivered?
  2. Can CS check the order and says - yes, this video was created according to gig description and this seller should not refund you money?

Thank you


When the buyer wants to cancel the order, Be sure that it will be canceled anyway. Here is my experience…
One of my orders was completed after giving 2 revisions. After 10 days the buyer asked me for a little modification through message and I did it. After that he asked another modification, I did it, then again, again and again… After giving him around 10 free revisions, one fine morning I woke up to discover that the order is canceled by the CS.


Keep sending the same thing, delivering it over and over forever if you need to.

We are on our own when this happens so you do this: keep re sending the delivery each time he uses the cancellation button. Do not let him get away with this.

Tell him you refuse to cancel since you did the job and expect to be paid.


This is something different from what the OP is reporting.

He is being victimized by someone wanting free work. He has to stand up for himself and refuse each time the buyer tries to cancel.


The answer is you need to protect yourself by absolutely not giving in to each cancellation request even if he uses that button 10000 times. Say no each time and again deliver the same thing.


Thank you :grinning:
hoping for the best

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Keep us posted on how it turns out please.

Shouldn’t there be a rating system for buyers too? Just saying…

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@daxwriter There is, to a certain extent - you can leave your feedback for a buyer after they’ve lesft theirs.

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Sure, @misscrystal, will do, thanks!

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I’ll echo what others have said… you have to simply keep delivering the order every time they request to cancel.

I did this for 6 straight days with a Buyer once.

It is VERY frustrating, but I heeded the advice after being scammed a couple of months prior and agreeing to a cancellation. The fine folks here explained to me what we’re explaining to you now.

If you’re happy with your work, and you have the proof (e.g. the Buyer’s comments about the good quality) stand your ground!


The best option has already been highlighted by others, keep delivering it when modification is require, he can’t just make you do work and later wanna walk away by not paying, is not done.


Good point. I appreciate, :clap::clap:

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@misscrystal and other folks who said me kind words -
I have a news!
This buyer posted my video on his Youtube channel!
I am not sure that it is correct to post the link here, but I really want you all to check the video
Maybe the video is not so bad :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Do you think CS may now mark this order as completed?


You could send the link to CS and ask them if that qualifies as them marking the order complete.


Yes, thanks, already done!


I have no understanding with me: what should I do, I will give the order delivered perfectly, but cancel order yet I will not understand what to do:) need help


Hi same is happening with me, I delivered and now client is saying that he is unsatisfied even after the perfect work. I know he wants the work free because everytime he makes new excuse and rejects. I keep on delivering and he keeps on rejecting.

Is there any limit to this delivering and rejecting problem ?

What are the usual outcomes ? does CS really looks in the matter ?

are the sellers paid as promised ?

How many days this can last?