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Buyer wants to cancel the order just because his problem is solved and does not need the work. Please guide

I have a issue currently with a buyer with whom I am having an order. Our order started on 21st August. The buyer placed the order without discussion, but later on we agreed on something and got started. Before we got started, I discussed with the buyer what exactly we have to make? I showed him some backgrounds, many characters as he requested, (he requested many changes in character and we did it without any problem), he confirmed the voiceovers, subtitles and logo etc. We even confirmed the script before we got started. The buyer mentioned that he needed the video before 23rd August, to which we replied that we will deliver to him on the same day and which we did. But since 21st August we did not receive any response from the buyer (Two days passed) and today he replied and mentioned that he does not like the video after the deadline has passed and the day that passed he mentioned he needed it before it. We kept on sending reminders to him from time to time.

Now the buyer deadline has passed, maybe his problem is solved or he does not need it, he wants to cancel the order. I did the work like we agreed and delivered on the same day as promised. I did the hard work, there was so much input of our energy, time, and planning. I delivered the work exactly like we agreed. None of the things are missed from what we agreed. Now the buyer is creating excuses by saying this does not have that or that etc just to cancel the order.

I would like you to please tell me what I should do? I did the work like requested, why shall i cancel the order?

PS; The funny thing the order will be automatically completed as today is the third day, and he hasnt marked as revision. In 7 hours it will be completed. But i still contacted the support to make it sure the order does not get cancelled later on once its completed from the support. I want to be the first to tell them of this problem.

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I would not cancel the order. Copy paste the part of the Order cancellation rules to your conversation, where it clearly states: * Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. You may rate your experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.

So, saying he does not like the delivery is not a valid point to cancel the order. Keep your professionalism at all costs, do not attack him, but be firm for sure.


Thats what i did. I remained kind and peaceful with him. I have also contacted the support regarding this matter and awaiting their response.

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I am just worried that the support dont take the seller sides as they always do as many said. I dont want my hard work to be wasted.

As long as your delivery is up to par as agreed, Fiverr should back you up. It’s good that you reached out to them already, as not only do they have a long wait time at the moment (some report that being 10 days), but this definitely seems like a problem client that you may need assistance with. If they keep requesting to cancel, deny it. You deserve to be compensated for your hard work, and the fact that they only want to cancel after the delivery without seeming too keen on working with you via revisions (at least, that’s my guess based on what you describe here) is fishy.

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Thank you for responding. I am a level 2 seller, and i have the feature of priority customer support. I really hope they take my side. As the buyer said its not appealing though all things were shown to him before the order was started. He didnt marked the order as revision, instead send me one message telling he does not like it and then sends request of cancellation. I have cancelled his request mentioning all the facts.

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No. His excuse is not an acceptable reason under Fiverr’s terms and basic ethics.

You don’t have to be penalized by his change of circumstance. That’s what your contract with him is for and you did the work.

Charge more and you’re less likely to deal with jerks like this.


Yes, thats what i mentioned in the email where i contacted the support. I fulfilled all the things that were in the contract. His response before the discussion started was good, but after the order he like vanished and replied today. I just pray that support team does not take his side as i am on my rights. I even asked the support to tell me if there is my mistake, let me know. I even told them that i am willing to add Cinematic effect at no extra cost.

Its been three days after i send the delivery, the order is not automatically completed yet and no response from the customer support and the buyer is even offline since two days.