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Buyer wants to cancel the order


Buyer wants to cancel the order because he says he didn’t mean to order this particular gig. I have no problem in canceling the order, I am just wondering If I cancel the order will that affect my ratings. BTW he initiated the mutual cancel request.

Can someone please guide me?


When you say rating, I assume you are talking about the thumbs up or thumbs down. A mutual cancellation does not effect that rating. However, a client could rate you if you delivered the work. If you did not deliver, best to just cancel and move on.

Who starts mutual cancellation is not important (result is the same for what I know).

Mutual cancellations won’t hurt your ratings, but your cancellation ratio will raise (everytime, for every cancellation) and if it becomes too high you can get demoted and loose your levels.

So, mutual cancellations won’t hurt your ratings but will affect your account; we are complaining for this from long time (use the search function and you’re going to find hundreds posts about this), but Fiverr is not listening to us: sad but true.

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Thank you guys for the tips and guidance. I just have canceled the order.