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Buyer wants to cancel the order!

Buyer placed an order without reading. Now they are asking for PRINTING and SHIPPING of the item whereas it is clearly mentioned in my gig that I neither PRINT nor SHIP. Now he wants to cancel the order. This is happening to me for the first time and it’s so disappointing!!

Will it affect my order completion rate?

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Contact CS team tell the same issue and don’t cancel order. First contact CS team ASAP

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1 hour 26 mins are left to deliver, the buyer is not responding and neither is the CS. What should I do now?

Did you deliver the order? Did they ask for printing in the revisions? You can wait if it’s in revisions phase or send a mutual cancellation. Since you have contacted CS they will look into your order even if the order is cancelled. If you are right, after reviewing it won’t affect your order completion rate probably.

Good luck!

Hey, no I haven’t delivered anything. They just asked for shipping after placing the order. I told them that it’s clearly mentioned about NO SHIPPING OR PRINTING POLICY. He just said I was looking for a physical thing and I will cancel the order. The buyer vanished after that (they are offline)

Hi there @designerthings, make a screenshot and send it to CS ASAP!! Best of luck!!

Warmly, Humberto

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Should I do it under Order issues and “I want to cancel my order” ?

These are the only options available there

Anything will do, as long you have proof of your client wanting you to do things you’re not offering.

EDIT: Don’t show it here in the Forum though if you make screen shots… in this case you need to get rid of names etc for not breaking ToS. best of luck!!

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You can try going for the general inquiries too explaining your situation and asking what should be the best action to take? Either way they will help you. :slight_smile:

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I have explained everything to CS, but the order timer is ticking.
36 mins are left now, what should I do in the meantime?

Yes I have explained everything to CS with the screenshots.
What should I do in the meantime? The clock is ticking and I have 20 mins only

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Just wait for CS response, and if your client will give you a bad review so be it, at least you will get help from CS and they will correct it for you. No worries, everything will be fine!!

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The order is late now and I am panicking :frowning:
Or should I deliver it and explain everything to the buyer too?

Yes indeed, oh I thought you’ve already done this. Yes you should and if they don’t agree on that than so be it

You should never “just wait for CS’s response,” especially not when you only have a few minutes left to deliver your order. CS can take up to 24 hours to respond, and you don’t have that time.

You should never let the order go late as you could end up receiving an automated 1-star rating from Fiverr.

I am sorry that you didn’t get better guidance here as you came at the last second to look for help. Had you come earlier, you might have received better responses.

What you should have done is initiate an order cancellation via the resoultuon center (or by creating a CS ticket) before the order reached its deadline. Unfortunately, it is too late now to do anything. If you deliver the order now, you might get a ToS warning for partial/incomplete delivery. The only option (I think) you have right now is to just let it be… Don’t deliver anything. Once the buyer decides to cancel/get a refund, you will receive an automatic 1-star rating from Fiverr. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can even respond to the review to share your side of the story (about how the buyer had asked for something you don’t offer, etc). I think a 1-star rating is the lesser of the 2 evils (you wouldn’t want a ToS warning in your record).

I hope this serves as a learning experince for you and that you are better equipped to deal with such circumstances that might arise in the future.

1 cancelled order won’t hurt your stats too much. Just ask for cancellation by hitting the “The buyer requested additional work, which wasn’t in the scope of the original order” and ask Customer Support and see if they can bypass the cancelled order on stats.

Getting a 1-star rating will affect your account.
1 cancelled order is forgotten by system after 2 months or more successful deliveries.



I did say that if it’s on revision wait or send mutual cancellation. Even if the order is canceled the CS will look into your order. If you are right, it won’t affect your order completion rate.

Don’t panic. Send mutual cancellation request to your buyer so they can’t leave a review at this point. It’s not your fault. Hopefully, CS will look into it properly and cancel the order for you without affecting anything.

I see you are a level 2 seller with 187 reviews.

You need to remove your off Fiverr contact details from your profile description as that is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Unfortunately, requesting for a cancelation after the order deadline has already passed is not going to save the OP from the 1-star review. They should have requested for a cancelation before the order reached its deadline (which the OP, unfortunately, didn’t do). :cry:


I didn’t know that :cry:
It’s really unfortunate. I hope CS will look into op’s side of the story.

It’s always better to cancel than wait. I had a similar situation, I contacted the CS, also had a mutual cancellation. I could see a drop in my order completion rate after that. But later I got a reply back from CS that they have looked into my order and the cancellation didn’t affect my order completion rate. When I checked my cancellation rate, it was back again. CS will take your side if you are right.

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