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Buyer wants to cancel the project after getting all the files

I believe most of sellers has faced this kind of problem and this has happened with me many times. First by getting done couple of projects buyer earns our trust and then placing huge amount project and they cancel the project after receiving all the files as delivery. By which they get all their amount back and on the other hand they get all the files (for free). Fiverr should do something about it. I am working on this platform since last 5 years and I always get to work with good buyers but sometimes this kind of buyers come across and break the spirit to work. Buyer never know how hard we work on their projects.


I just dealt with that myself 2-3 hours ago. The person didn’t ask for a revision, he ordered in such a way to manipulate my delivery system to get those files faster without paying any extra, and a day after I deliver he says that this is the worst work he has ever seen and asks for a cancellation. At that point, I just accepted the cancellation, It just felt like a scam and I prefer to move on.


Buyer can cancel the project by stating anything, but it is important to have logic behind it. We get the project from buyer, we start working on it, we are completing the work and deliver it. We only know how much efforts we put to complete the work, but some Buyers do not understand this.

Same thing happened. After providing the work he asked for the cancellation and mentioned that he is not satisfy with the quality of the work and telling me he already get the work done by someone else. How is it possible? Wondering, I worked for the same buyer twice a week ago and he was fully satisfied with the quality of the work that’s the reason he placed nice amount work and after getting all the files he asked for the project cancellation. Very tricky buyer. There are total 30 images which consumed my at least a week. I raised a complain immediately by contacting Fiverr customer support but didn’t received any reply since last 48 hours. I explained each and everything. Let’s see what will happen.

Did you contacted Fiverr customer support for your problem?

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No, I won’t bother. I blocked the buyer and I moved on.

Alright! How many times will you do the same thing? Is there only option for us? You should have contact the customer support first so that they can review that type of buyers.