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Buyer wants to cancel the work

I offer logo and branding in one package. A buyer recently placed an order. As usual I started working on logo first. After working on some revisions he liked one of the concept and asked to slightly modify it which I did and sent him in just 2 minutes

He didn’t reply until 6 days later(between that time I also sent couple more variation, just to give him more choice on that modification) and this was the text I received

So I am in a dilemma what to do. Please suggest me. Thanks and Happy New Year in advance.

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You need to find out what he means by ‘closing the loop’. It’s an ambiguous phrase. I could interpret it as ‘stop working, we’ll let the order complete, and you’ll get your money no problem’ or I could interpret it as ‘cancel the order so I get a refund’.

I would politely message the buyer and ask what they mean. Don’t you mention a refund though! Just ask what they mean by closing the loop.

If they tell you they want to cancel the order, then that of course is not fair and breaches the terms of service. This of course is a separate battle. Find out first what they mean.


I looked over your Gigs.

Your fatal mistake is offering unlimited revisions.

I would remove that from all your Gigs ASAP as you will continue to have the odd Buyer take advantage of that.

As for this situation (my opinion) I would cancel the order and move on.

Use it as a lesson and remove all mention of unlimited revisions from your Gigs, profile, etc.

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Yes, this is what I was wondering. I texted him but he didn’t reply. It’s been 1 week since he last texted me. He hasn’t been active after that.

Thank you so much for mentioning! I actually forgot that. I actually didn’t have any client requesting for modification more than once. I usually send them as attachment(not deliver them).
I also have no problem offering revisions. But I will limit them. Thanks!

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In that case I would be tempted to leave things alone.

The order will either auto complete (remember this is 7 days at the moment, not 3 days) and the buyer will or won’t leave feedback.

Or the buyer will request a cancellation in the coming days (even though they’d be wrong to do this).

But maybe it’s best not to chase this now. You’ve asked for clarification. Leave it with them.

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I would simply Deliver and see what happens.

He indicates he is moving on and didn’t ask for money back so deliver the one he said he liked formally and wait. With all due luck it will auto-complete (maybe deliver after 31st if this wasn’t a holiday season job).


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The deadline is approaching. I also got couple more notification saying that buyer will have 7 days to review. Does that mean order will get auto complete in 7 days or usual?

If I remember correctly buyer had 10 days to put feedback. And I don’t mind if he doesn’t want to put feedback or not.

[Sorry, just checked my mail it was extended to 7 days from 3]
I will deliver the files on the January 1st with explaining everything. Probably it’s best for both of us.
Happy New Year

Yeah, mate. I was thinking the same. 7 days mark will probably leave after 31st so I will send him the files next year :rofl:
anyway Happy New Year

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