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Buyer wants to cancel. What to do?

I have a buyer who placed a tier 1 $10 order when they should have used the premium $55 tier. I explained how my services work and they want to cancel. How should I handle? Will this hurt my metrics?

If you cancel the order that will affect on your profile … I think you can should cancel because sometime buyers order by mistake and we need to cancel that …

Shouldn’t Fiverr have an option for this? It doesn’t seem fair.

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Fiverr has not any option for that yet . :pensive:

It will effect your completion rate percentage. I’m guessing the buyer isn’t willing to pay $55 for the service, if they were you can simply add the remaining money that is owed to an add-on in your package.

Yes - that’s what I suggested. I guess I will complete the order now b/c I don’t want to hurt my standings. Maybe the buyer can meet me in the middle.


If you directly contact CS to ask them to cancel it for you emphasizing it wasn’t your mistake, they may do it for you without any effect on your rankings. I exactly did it yesterday and it worked. A buyer ordered by accident so I headed for the seller help center.


Very good to know. Thank you!

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Never agree to cancel.

Explain to the buyer what they get for your $10 order. Explain to them that if they want more they will have to pay more. Get CS involved at this point and explain the situation. They may well be a whole lot more helpful than you think … as long as you haven’t agreed to cancel. Don’t let them persuade you to cancel.

Your buyer ordered a $10 gig. Give them a $10 gig.

Don’t agree to cancel.

Hey mate,

Sorry to hear that. I think that best thing you could do is try to deliver part of the service now, and convince the buyer to accept the delivery once it’s done. Then give them a custom offer with a discount for their convenience.

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I wouldn’t cancel. Every cancel dropped me in sales. Better to take the bad rating.

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