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Buyer wants to change gig after payment

Hi there

i completed a gig with a buyer about a week ago. with all my buyers, i tend to finish their work in one day (even though my gig stipulates 3 days or more) the buyer was quite persistent on this, asking me when i might have the gig in by to which i told them the above. i completed the gig the next day and sent an additional video and waited for their feedback. the package they ordered from me did not have any revisions as it was the lowest one.

they didn’t respond and the gig was marked as automatically complete.

2 days after this automated completion they messaged me saying they were not happy with my performance

i really didn’t like the gig and i have no interest in re doing it whatsoever (also i am chocker block with new gigs) had the buyer given me feedback whilst the gig was active, i would have eaisly thrown in a revision even though it was not part of the package, however once the gig was complete and they had +4 days to respond but didn’t i assumed what i did was enough?

i know that if i tell them this that it may affect my rating as a buyer has 30 days to leave a review.

what should i do?

  • Users are allowed to leave reviews on Orders up to 10 days after an Order is marked as complete. No new reviews may be added to an Order after 10 days.

The above is from the updated Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

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