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Buyer wants to change his negative feedback.Can someone tell me how

one of my buyer who left negative feedback wants to change it. He is now asking me how to do it. Please help me to explain to him how.


Ask your buyer to ask CS themselves.

NEVER ask CS yourself about this matter.
It’s violate Fiverr TOS.

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Don’t ask your buyer to ask CS themselves. You might be in trouble anyway. Just leave it as it is and provide a better service.


okay I told him to ask.Is that the only option?

Customer support doesn’t remove reviews unless they are manipulative, racist and stuff like that. So, most likely they won’t do anything. Don’t ask the buyer to go to customer support and change reviews, this will bring you a warning to your account.


feedback is manipulative .He asked other buyers not to place any order on me.and now he wants to change it

I read his review. He has mentioned he has wasted time as many others have wasted here in Fiverr. So I don’t think he has asked other buyers to stop buying.

You should better leave it at that. Talking about feedback to buyer will attract warning even though his feedback might be not appropriate.

If he was unhappy with your service, he has right to leave his feedback. You cannot persuade him to change. As you are new seller , you might be not aware of it. Please don;t just bring feedback, rating, review in your buyer discussions.

Asking him to contact CS is also not right. Even if CS removes now, next time you might do same thing and that time CS can issue you warning.


There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review with a buyer.

Best just to leave this and move on.


Thank you . Highly Appreciate your reply. He threatened me before this to do extra work otherwise he will give me a bad review. I reported it to CS with screenshots Now he changed his mind and wanted to change the review. Don’t know what to do.

It’s a very tricky question. I would not do anything else without showing it to CS, in that case. Maybe sending them a screenshot where your buyer says clearly that he wants to change his feedback may help (telling them that you didn’t answer to your client question because you didn’t wanted to violate TOS). But if for some reason your client was not very clear about that or CS may have any (even remote) reason to believe that you were leading the conversation in a way to make your client change his mind you may be in trouble. If you believe that there is some reason to CS do that, don’t do anything, because feedback subject is very sensitive to CS.

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The sequence of event is important. You did a work. Then buyer threatened with bad review for extra work. What did you do at this point? Whether your initial work was properly completed?

Then he left his review. You reported now to CS. Now he wants to change. Right?

Actually you should only reply to his review that " buyer demanded extra work and left bad review intentionally as I did not give in to his demand"

Am afraid CS will interpret it as you forcing the buyer to change his mindset.

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after he said that I asked him " ill be glad if you could remove the bad review". So this is a violation of TOS i guess.I understood it now.will my account be suspended now.IF suspended can I withdraw my money?

Hmm yes you are right.but I think I messed up without knowing these.will m account be suspended. If suspended can I withdraw my money?

Yes you should not ask after he left review. If any buyer demands extra work on basis of leaving bad review, you should report to CS.

If they leave bad review because you didn’t do extra work, you should not agree with buyer to do extra work so that they would remove the bad review later.

Once review is left, you should not discuss about it whether it is good or bad. Don’t talk about reviews or ratings or feedback to any buyer even if they initiate it. Just ignore those sentences and deliver your work and move on to next order. You can reply to their reviews. That’s the only thing you can do.

It won’t be suspended but it might get you warning. Read terms of service thoroughly.

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@mercurianus already answered to that question very well. It’s a clear violation of TOS. Just leave it.

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