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Buyer wants to change his review, but he don't know how to do it! need your help

My buyer agreed to change his review but he do not know how to edit it. I go to customer service but there is no such option. any suggestions please!

Move on.

Reviews can’t be changed once they’re given - and raising this with CS may get you a warning under the manipulating reviews heading.

Accept what’s happened and move on.


Thank you,
here is one thing he give me 3 star and now i can not be able to send new proposals on buyer request. So what can i do.

A not great review doesn’t have any direct effect on buyer requests.

Buyer requests are few and far between when not levelled. Once you get a level, there are suddenly a lot of them available.

Really, just move on, do good work and you’ll find your customer base grows.

coderdelion Thank you for your precious time.

and one last thing, if he send me a modification request if he in future so is he get a option to give the review once again.

No. Once the review is given. it stays. There is no opportunity to change it.

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ok, i just heir that if you delete your gig so your review on that gig also remove , is it true?

Reviews are attached to profiles - deleting the gig won’t help.

I would advise you to read fiverr TOS one more time. When you registered here you signed and agreed that you read it but you obviously didn’t.

It’s written in TOS that reviews can not be changed or manipulated. (That’s why you don’t have such an option in the resolution center, didn’t that by itself make you thinking that it’s not possible?)

Deleting your gig wouldn’t help you, it will still stay on your profile.

It does affect you seeing buyer requests because your overall statistics need to be higher than 90%

So you might need to wait for people to find your gig or start doing marketing.

And you would’ve know all that if you would’ve read fiver TOS and fiverr help page.


mariashtelle1, yes, you are right. We don’t read it, and thank you for interest and for your suggestions. I get your suggestion and will try to capture them. thank you!

If you asked him about his review at all in any way you can get a warning on your account.

You are not allowed to talk about a review with him at all.


Not even allowed to mention it, even to mention to a client that didn’t drop a review.


Thank you, misscrytal

and also thank you writer_lovelady for your interest and help.