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Buyer wants to change Rating but there is no option

My buyer accidentally leaves negative feedback and when I asked why he did that he said it was by mistake and now there is no option in the resolution center to change rating.
how can he change review and rating please help?


I think he cannot change the review. I think it’s not good to have bad reviews. Bcz thats a obstacle in receiving new order. You can send a message to fiverr. There might be some to solve this problem.

The buyer said it is his first time on FIVERR and he did that by mistake

Given reviews can not be changed.

oh bro
this is very disappoint for you. Review is not changeable.
best of luck for next job.

He said he did that by mistake… Still is there any way to remove or change it?

Just mentioning a review to your buyer, for any reason, can get you an account warning.

There’s no option to change or remove a review. Customer Support only removes the reviews that violate the rules.


Sorry, that’s bad luck and very unfair on you.

Fiverr’s terms of service are clear: Feedback reviews will not be removed unless there are clear violations of our Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards.

Sadly, from what I’ve read in the forums previously, even if poor feedback was left by accident, that’s not a valid reason for Fiverr customer support to step in.

No way. You have to be satisfied with the feedback.