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Buyer wants to change review - What do I do?

Hello guys, so I delivered an order to a buyer earlier and he left me a 4-star review. A couple of hours after the delivery was made and after he left the review I received this message:

“Looks dope man! Is there a way for me to change my review I didn’t realize I gave you 4 stars I meant to give 5 I thought it was automatically set to all 5 stars but it was set to 4 for some reason”

Why the hell would the review be automatically set to 4 stars and what should I do here? I have not initiated this in any way and I seriously feel like contacting CS about this. I know the policies, but the buyer literally DM’d me to notify me that he left the wrong review and that he wants to change it so that it is an objective review based on the experience that he got.


Well, you do know that you have only two choices :wink:

  1. You can risk and contact CS with a screenshot that your buyer left 4 stars by accident and you didn’t contact them or didn’t reply to them yet as you aware of fiverr policies and ask them what actions you should take.
    But again you know that chances of you receiving a warning is higher than getting review changed.
    (Anyway if you decide to go that path I’m very curious on how CS will react and if they will take your side)

  2. Just to tell your buyer that it can not be changed and leave it as it is.


Yeah, I told him that it cannot be changed but it sucks as in situations like this we are basically screwed.

Oh well, I was hoping you would be the first one to stand for us :wink: you had a perfect case for that

Are you sure that this is currently doable? I thought that the review modification option was removed from the Resolution center.

Ah, too afraid to risk anything. I’ve been burned before. Maybe next time! :sweat_smile:


You are not supposed to approach CS bro. It’s an automatic process:)

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I’m not sure how you did it but “resolution center” doesn’t work after the order is marked completed for me. It immediately redirects you to “contact support” button


Nope, it doesn’t work. When I open the “Resolution center” it says “This order was already marked as complete. If you encountered any issue, our Customer Support”.

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That’s exactly what we did. :woman_shrugging: Can you send a screenshot of what you see when you open a resolution center on a completed order?

I guess our hands are tied in situations like this. Imagine getting an accidental 1-star review. :speak_no_evil:

There should be exceptions, I hope that they review their policies on this one day as it’s pretty absurd.

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I’m afraid this option was removed over a year ago. Confirmed!

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This option was removed over a year ago. Leave it :wink:

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I perfectly know it. However instead of being rude I just asked that person to attach what he sees from his side.


Okay mianwaheed it might be removed year ago but I thought it still exists. It’s a discussion forum not an argument. It’d be good if we help each other instead of trying to be on the limelight with a juvenile childish comment:)


Recently (just 1/2 months ago) I have received a 1-star review that was removed from my profile by Customer Support. I was amazed but things like that happen.

The buyer ordered some simple, easy, and fairly cheap work. I completed everything as we discussed and after 3 days the order was marked as completed. Few seconds after that, bum, 1-Star review. It turns out that she requested some minor revisions but her messages never went through and I didn’t receive anything. No messages were visible on any device or browser.

She also contacted me on the Inbox about that (which is convenient because I didn’t need to do that and risk violating ToS). She was super upset but I kindly explained everything to her and tried to be as professional as I could. It turns out that those minor revisions meant a lot of additional work. Sadly, in this situation, I felt a little bit blackmailed and to not complicate the situation, I just work on all the changes she requested and after a little back and forth, she was very happy with the results.

IMPORTANT: I never talked about this review with the buyer. Even if she mentioned it, I just skipped this topic. You better be careful in situations like that. (the whole feedback manipulation thing)

So, the buyer is happy - that’s great, now it was the time for me to be happy. I contacted CS, sent them a super long ticket with all the explanations and screenshots. Surprisingly, someone actually read it and understood my perspective. Since the reason all of that happen was a Fiverr technical bug (revisions messages don’t come through), they just removed this review from my gig. Happy ending.

Maybe the OP can get something from the above but personally, if it’s about 3 or 4-star review, I would leave it as it’s. It’s a shame but it’s what it’s. Sometimes it might be risky to even talk with CS or use certain phrases.


My buyer gave me 1 star rating mistakenly but the review was positive, she contact support and they have changed the rating, know my rating changed from 1 star to 5 star on the main page but it is still there at the back end.


I’m really surprised by this. I had a few bad reviews that were positive but nothing was ever done.

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I replied Maria out of courtesy for you because you didn’t have the right explanation for that. My bad if you didn’t like my comment but I was totally reasonable and polite. :slight_smile:

Just leave it like this. You shouldn’t contact support about a 4-star rating.

I’ve had buyers who’d write a long paragraph praising my service yet they gave a 4+ rating. I try to be extra careful with those buyers from next time and they start giving 5 stars.