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Buyer wants to change review

First of all am very grateful to all of you guys. As a new seller, I have learnt a lot from this forum. Anyway, a customer wants to change her review. She gave me a 3 star on completion of the order,which was strange because apparently she was satisfied with my work. I even asked her if she needed anything changed but apparently the order was perfect. She later realized the mistake and now wishes to change the review to a better rating. Is it possible guys? And what should I advise her. A bad rating will really affect my fiverr since am still a new seller.

She is asking me to ‘‘send notification of dispute modification (something like that) where I can change your ranking’’

@kbaaru goto your order page and you can see right side you can find Use the Resolution Center to contact Customer Support. with one button bottom Resolve now click on this button then you can make request to change review :slightly_smiling_face:
If have any other question feel free to contact me.

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Click Resolve Now>>Follow the steps and the buyer will get a modification request. He/She can modify the review that way!

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Made a request and the customer made the review modification. The issue is now sorted. Thanks guys!