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Buyer wants to change the rating but is not able to do so. HELP



I needed some help regarding this-

A week ago, my client placed an order with me and did not share proper instructions, but when I tired to contact him, there was no reply.

I had half of the details and so I delivered the order on time.
The buyer wasn’t satisfied and ultimately gave me a 2 star rating.
I requested the buyer to change the rating through resolution center but then upto 4 days, he did not respond…so I withdrew my request and moved on.
Then yesterday he realized his mistake and wants to change the rating, he has no knowledge about the process and I am not able to guide him as well.
Please help me what shall I do?


I think you tell your buyer. if you change your review then he/she must contact with Fiverr customer support. it will help full both of us.


But are we allowed to ask the buyer to contact customer support for this?
I feel that now this rating cannot be changed…
and I am already working on my other orders to improve it.



you can view the below link the same quetion asked on fiver forum and how fiver customer care replied

Thank you



Thanks a lot!

I have asked the buyer to contact the support team as guided by the fiverr representative.


I don’t think there is any thing he/she can do about it if she didn’t accept the rating resolution, it happened to me, don’t let the negative rating way you down,move on. More 5star rating coming your way.