Buyer wants to change the review


Hi guys, hope you’re all fine. My buyer accidentally gave me a 4.7 review. And wants to change it to make it 5. Is there any way he can change it?


Hi, yes, there is. The buyer can´t start it from his side, though, you need to initiate it.

If a seller would like to formally request that the buyer modify their feedback on an order, they may use the Resolution Center to request feedback modification request from the buyer.

I would read the whole article on that in the Help Center, while you´re at it, there are a few things one should know about feedback changes, plus lots of other good info in the rest of the Help Center articles too.


Thanks a lot dear. I am going to read it and then proceed further. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just tried accessing the Resolution Center, and this comes when I click it:

Why is that happening?


I fear I have no idea. You can ask Fiverr Customer Support:


Oh, well, thanks for helping, really :slight_smile:


i want to buyer accidentally gave mea 4.7 review.and i want to change it to 5 review.can change it? please help me!


What’s wrong with a 4.7 review? That’s a great, positive review! Why are you so desperate to have a perfect 5-star review? Be happy with the positive 4.7, and move on to your next order.

There is no such thing as an accidental review (especially since all reviews are an average of three different review categories).

If you absolutely must have those extra 0.3 stars, then use the Resolution Center to ask your buyer to change their review. The buyer, however, is under no obligation to do so if they don’t want to.


From the feedback your buyer left, I don’t think it was an accident.


i can’ to sent buyer requests because this 4.7 i want to change this review.please help me! thank you


It was a 4.4 review and the buyer explained why they left it as such. If you want to ask them to change it, you can do so through the resolution centre on the order page. :sunny:


Just go to resolution center and request buyer to modify feedback.



I needed more detailed to the shirt, the seller missed the revisions that I requested quite a bit.

I don’t think you should ask them to change this review as they were not happy. And the image of the T shirt just had a red outline of a heart. Is that not what they wanted?


4.7 is still not a bad review focus on upcoming projects.


Hi, please don’t insist more because it appears buyer didn’t do it accidentally. If you keep asking them they might report you and you might lose your account.


Bookmarked this, thank you for sharing.