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Buyer wants to chat and train on google hangout

Hello fellow sellers,

I have a buyer who wants to chat and train on what I will need to do for virtual assistant on google hangout. I find it suspicious he didnt want to message on fiverr. Then he told me I had to purchase blank checks through a link he provided and the link automatically redirected itself to amazon to purchase the checks. He also asked if he could pay by money gram, cash or check. This seems too obvious of a scam. Has this happen to anyone??? What do?

There are people who are looking for virtual assistance personnel to complete different and sometime weird tasks so its hard for me to rule out whether it is a scam unless I had an initial conversation with them.

To avoid

  • If they are having you do or purchase illegal things, don’t work with them
  • If your gut feels it’s not a good relationship or project, don’t work with them

What you can do

  • You can have an initial conversation and see whether this is something you want to do
  • Ask them for some legitimate sources or possibly a Linkedin page they have of themselves.

Best of luck - stay safe!

And anyways you have to report him to Fiverr Customer Support because he attempted to make a payment outside of Fiverr.

I would go with your gut and pass on this one. It sounds super shady.