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Buyer wants to contact me on my personal number n disturb me all the time

my buyer disturb me all the time . n wants contact me on my personal number.what can i do.he irritates me all the time .he change the full work after i complete the work.what can i do.

Report it to CS…

The exchange of personal information is against TOS.

As for the work, do you offer unlimited revisions?


Telling buyers like this in a very firm way that you delivered the order so it is completed and you cannot continue on doing more for them is a skill you need to learn.

Without this skill you will continue to be annoyed by buyers like this so learn how to communicate with them to get them to stop.


Could it be that ‘He’ likes Your nice profile photo, and is not really interested in Your pro gig ?

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Even if he does this buyer needs to be firmly told to stop all the annoying contacts.

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yes i offer unlimited rivision