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Buyer wants to extend delivery time but I have finished my work

Good evening everyone,
Actually I am confused that what should I do.please help me to take a good decision. The fact is my buyer needs more time to review the work but my work is done before deadline. I have edited 850 pictures for my client.My client said to extend 7 days time and send him all images through message for review. I have already sent 250 images for review but he didn’t give any review. So now what should I do? Please suggest respected seniors.

Tell the buyer that Fiverr’s terms of service state that orders must be reviewed via the order page within 3 days of delivery. This is for the buyer as well as you. If you’re willing to extend it, that’s your prerogative, but I think you’re better off sticking to what Fiverr has set and encouraging your buyer to do so as well. You don’t want things going on longer, as that isn’t considerate of your time.

Also, ensure that you deliver through the order page and nowhere else, as that’s the only place it truly counts.


Thank you so much for your wise suggestion.

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