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Buyer wants to give a tip after order completation


One of my buyer has just marked my order completed and reviewed me. Now he wants to give a tip and asking me how he can do that!

Can anyone help me?

One of my buyer marked my order complete and reviewed. And after a week he tipped me. So it’s possible somehow, but I don’t know.

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The option to tip a seller for a gig stays open for 7 days after completion.


Thanks a lot @miiila

He definitely can do it. i will suggest get an order in place of tips :wink:

Is been over 2 wks after the seller completed the project. But I can’t seem to find the option to tip them? How do I tip them after is completed?

I don’t think you can after 2 weeks, the tipping option appears when you accept the order and leave feedback for the seller, which is only possible within 10 days after delivery/order completion.
Once, it was possible to leave feedback within 30 days but that was changed to 10 days quite a while ago.

You can ask the seller for a custom offer for the amount you want to tip.

The seller can type into the offer: “This offer is for an $X tip as per buyer’s request”. Then the seller can just redeliver the files from the previous order and that’ll be it.

Customer Support allows this kind of approach as long as it’s clear that you want to tip, request an offer specifically for the tip, and don’t expect any new files to be received in return.