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Buyer wants to give me free dollars what should i do?


Hi there
I’ve did an order for a buyer but he was unsatisfied with my works as he want something more which i didn’t offered in my gig(3D design).Then we mutually cancelled the order.But now after a couple of days he want to give me some dollars for my works and promising that he will leave 5 stars! Should i accept his offer?

In case if i accept his offer, what action can i take if he leave negative or 4.8/4.9stars! Please let me know what should i do?

Thank you so much!


He might feel bad about not paying you at all. He might be hellbent on leaving a shit review. Gotta use your judgement here, man.


Hhhh just tell him to go away ^^
I don’t need your miserable money ^^


I personally wouldn’t accept it since it was his choice to accept the cancellation. Like Emmaki said you have to trust your judgement :). If he does leave a negative review there is really nothing you can do about it.


If it is possible ask him to leave the money as a tip.


Is it possible for a buyer to tip a seller when they have mutually cancelled an order?


I think you shouldn’t take the risk