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Buyer Wants To Give Me Log-In Info To Redesign Website?


Is this okay?


I forgot to add, I don’t want to do the gig because I feel iffy about accepting such information.


Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you! I just thought we weren’t allowed to accept such information, which is why I don’t want to accept the gig (and I have feelings of iffiness).


Reply to @mobileit: Okay, thank you! I trust my client; she still wants me to design her website–I just thought we weren’t allowed to exchange information.


Reply to @ryuken: Thank you!

Yes, I do need to have access, I just thought that wasn’t allowed. Since the buyer still wants me to redesign her website, I believe we shall have another go at it.


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks! We both decided not to go with it.


Reply to @stuffbyren: I do this all the time, I have also made a gig extra for that, so that I can install it for them. It’s about trust, if they trust you, keep their trust as you are in charge, nothing can get wrong in getting login info…Even some buyers order their gigs with login info, if you are well reputed seller in fiverr, the buyers are cool with this. So, I don’t see any problem there!


It is pretty much normal to use the details like these to design website. I get the wordpress maintenance work only based on that information. How you are going to fix a house if you don’t have the keys? Same with design in website. If you think client is shady and pushy then you can choose to opt out of gig. In real life we all live in full of trust, be it on parents, kids, partner, employer, government etc etc. Not having trust can be bad thing. However, be cautious when making deals that is all.

I usually ask the buyer to write down the credentials in text file and submitting on order page.