Buyer wants to list my name and bio on a different website and purchase my services via Fiverr



I have received an inquiry, which states that buyer would like to add me to their team of web developers and marketers on a website outside of Fiverr. This may help me get a good number of orders. They would need my Name, small bio and Photo to do so. The purpose of the website is to acquire new clients. The buyer is willing to go through Fiverr for all the communication and ordering for all his/her needs.

Although I refrain from sharing my contact details with the buyer, I would like to know whether it is okay to share name and photo with the buyer which will be used to list me on a third party website, provided, we still do not try to bypass Fiverr at any point in time?

I didn’t find any supporting categories in the Fiverr Support to create a ticket. Any help will be appreciated.



Hi…yes, from logic it should be a ‘Trust & Safety’-issue maybe, but the dropdowns there really don´t fit…maybe use some halfways ‘neutral’ category (which needs no order number or anything), like i. e. ‘Feature Support’ > ‘Other Selling Features’ and then describe the issue exactly. If they can´t help you, at least they’ll know whom to pass it on to, I guess.


Thank you, @miiila. I just did that. I hope it comes out good. I have never approached them ever before.


Hi… I don’t think you should have any problem with this. I mean, you will get more exposure which might help your career in general. Fiverr doesn’t own you either so yeap… Although I would recommend you to stick to Fiverr because sometimes buyers try to lure you outside of the platform to avoid paying the fees and one thing leans to another. Next thing you know, their not paying your services.


Let me clarify this before others continue to chime in on the VALIDITY of this request.


Either BUY or SELL.

Do not try to hire or GET hired by anyone outside by utilising this platform.



Contacting CS sounds sensible but it sounds fishy to me. I mean what’s in it for them exactly? Personally I wouldn’t touch it.


Don’t do this. It is a scam. Your ‘buyer’ whants to use your identity to upsell their own services which secretly they are simply outsourcing to Fiverr. In the very least case, if they were legitimate, they would be offering to pay you just for using your likeness and bio.

Either way, don’t do it. This has SCAM written all over it in big firey red letters and your being suckered in (like peoplkke always are) because they are making you feel important. Just say no,


We are encouraged to promote our fiverr gigs on other sites. As long as the only way anyone can contact you is on fiverr I see nothing wrong with it.

To be sure you could ask customer support.


Some of my clients have “credited” me for my work on their sites BUT they don’t get my name or anything else that isn’t listed in my Fiverr profile. If they want to credit me as fonthaunt and use my Fiverr picture and linkback to my Fiverr profile, that’s fine. If they want a bio, they can just use what’s written on my Fiverr profile.

As others have said, though, it is a big red flag that they want to use you real name and bio. I don’t think CS would approve this, but as @miiila said, Trust and Safety can answer or you can just pick a vague match in the ticket to ask. In general, it doesn’t sound like a good idea if they want details that aren’t already found on your Fiverr page.


How many orders have you done with the client? If you have been working with this client for years, it is different then when you just did one or two orders for them.


Check the website and what other people are on it, what info is provided and whether it looks worthwhile or not. Essentially, he will be showing you as one of his staff members. You have no guarantee that he will give you the orders though so weigh it up yourself.
As @mjakkerman says, if you have worked with them before then it might be worth it.
Otherwise they are probably another of the wannabe resellers who expect to create a site, the world to flock to them with money and for them to earn twice as much as the sellers for clicking a few buttons. It doesn’t work that way and some of these resellers are a nightmare to deal with as they expect to do no work but want you to do everything they ask immediately.


Hello everyone,
For some reason, the Fiverr Support’s response was lost in the thousands on emails I receive in my mailbox. They responded just hours after my inquiry. Here’s what they said,

Interesting, right?

I did reply with a “yes” to the buyer, but only after 5 days. Didn’t get any reply in return. So, I can’t conclude anything about it.
My reason to accept the offer was that the buyer was willing to pay me what I am offering in the gig details. I refrain from compromising on prices because I don’t compromise on the quality of work.
It is good to have a second opinion from the community. I really appreciate you all for sharing your thoughts.


@mjakkerman No orders till date with this client. I checked out his website which seemed genuine and for some reason, it looked less fishy than usual. But still, I had to take a second opinion.
In a nutshell, I couldn’t respond to the client in time and I am not working with him now.
Looks like no loss no gain. :slight_smile:


@eoinfinnegan It did look worthwhile when I checked out their website. The communication from the buyer was clear that all orders will go through Fiverr strictly and it looked like they want to use my bio to gain trust from their potential clients.
I ended up missing the offer, but I am glad to listen to all the thoughts and insights from everyone.


Thanks for coming back to post ‘the end of the story’, interesting indeed. :slight_smile:


@miiila Glad I found my way back to the Forums! I hope this will help sellers in the future.

Happy Selling… :slight_smile: