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Buyer Wants to pay after the job is done

I tried to get my first job at buyer request and a buyer knocked me for doing his project. He is also a seller but he gets too many orders so he needs a partner. He says I’ll have to do 30 videos a month and he will pay me $150 afterwards. He will not accept my custom request now. He told me to create offer after I’m done sending him 30 videos. Is he a scam? or true buyer? I’m new so I need advice.

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He just got an order from another person, and he doesn’t want to pay you in advance (maybe he’s out of funds).
There are really high chances that you will make 30 videos and get nothing.
Never do any work without an open order, or be ready to make it for free.
His promises and messages mean nothing without an order.


I was thinking the same. So I’ll just say no to him. Because I cant do 30 videos for nothing.


I also asked him to pay after 1 project. each for $5. he rejected it.

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A buyer has to order, pay, and then you deliver.

Make sure to read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works. Everything is explained there in great detail.


It’s a scam. Report your buyer to Fiverr CS. They likely have no intention of paying you, or don’t want the risk of paying you and their buyer not liking your work. In either case, an order is not an order unless it is placed in advance.

It is also very unprofessional for a fellow seller to even ask you to take on this project in the way they have.


This is beyond unreasonable. Report them and walk away.

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