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Buyer wants to pay me in pounds

I have a few queries which I want to clear. My buyer is from the UK, he wants to pay me in pounds and I want the same. How can he pay me in pounds? If he pays me in pounds then in which currency I will receive my money on Fiverr?

Thanks in advance.

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If your buyer is using PayPal for purchase, then they will have to pay in USD (conversion rate fees may apply here). Read more here:

You will be paid in USD. You can change your currency to £ (just for convenience) at the bottom of every Fiverr page. I think if your PayPal account is set to £, you’ll receive payments from Fiverr in pounds.


I’d be very careful accepting this order. There is no real reason for your buyer to want to pay you in pounds. Unless they are using a VPN, they will already see prices displayed in pounds.

Usually, when buyers say they want to pay in their own currency, it is a long winded way of saying, "how about we simply discuss this via email and you send me your PayPal or bank details?"


You can’t.

You can only pay in US dollars, which is then converted into whatever the person’s currency is when they receive it.

This is an American company. This buyer just doesn’t want to take the loss in the currency exchange. If he doesn’t like it, he shouldn’t be using Fiverr.


You should tell him that you are not handling any payments and al that goes through default currency set up by fiverr. That’s it. You can also add that he can switch to pounds at the bottom of the page to see how much it will cost in pounds but there is no way to change fiverr payment algorithm.


Thanks for this information. He is not using pay pal. If he pays me in £ then in which currency I will receive he money from Fiverr after clearance? Whether it is in dollars or pounds?