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Buyer wants to pay with Paypal, how to do

Hi everybody,

I have a customer that want to avoid fees buying my Gig. He says that others sellers have already sent him a Paypal request so he doesn’t pay any fees and the sellers pay only 2-3% to Paypal and not 20% to Fiverr.

Has anyone done this before? Is it « ok » to do this? And how to do it?

Thank you! I’m a little bit new to Fiverr yet


any payment outside the fiverr platform is illegal and at seller or buyer’s risk


Although many buyer and seller practice this but this is illegal according to fiverr terms and policy. If fiverr able to track this type of activities It may suspend both of your account.


Absolutely not! Fiverr will ban your account right away.

You can tell your client that you would not break any giver rules and all payments should go through fiverr .
And please use report button to report his message, he already might’ve got a lot sellers in trouble with breaking rules.


No! You Can Tell Your Client That is illegal.

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I would avoid this buyer - it is better to lose 1 order, to lose 1 buyer, than to lose your Fiverr account forever.

And as mentioned before - you can report him, because he don’t think about other people, he clearly understand, that sellers can be blocked, but he doint this anyway. He doesn’t care about you, so why would you care about this buyer?


Hi! Thank you everyone for the remplies!
Actually, he is new in Fiverr and a very kind buyer. And he was just proposing (without forcing or anything). He was telling me that a few sellers would send him a Paypal invoice without him asking anything so he thought this was just a method that sellers use to avoid fees! Without any bad intention behind this, as I tell you he is a very kind and innocent buyer. So because other sellers put them self in danger by choice and made discover this method to my buyer, he didn’t think this was a bad payment method to accept. I’ll just explain this to him, I’m sure it will be great information for him too as he doesn’t know too much how Fiverr works yet.

And when I asked how this Paypal payment method worked, He said: « well I have no idea, after the work was done this seller would just send me kind of a paypal invoice wich he told I wouldn’t have to pay fees that way and him just 2-3% »
That’s why I was asking here how to do it this way if it was ok to do it because my buyer had no idea either as he was new to Fiverr like me :sweat_smile:

Ah. I think I understand what they were doing then.

They were creating their Paypal invoices and messaging the links to the buyer. When you create one of those, you have the choice of either emailing it or copying a link. They should absolutely be getting punished for doing this.

Your buyer, while unaware that this was against ToS, may end up getting punished for it as well.

I don’t get why sellers do this. Either the buyer has to purchase their gig and then pay more (which they might not even do), or they don’t purchase the gig at all and the seller has no chance for a review and potentially loses out on all the money. That can’t possibly be worth getting their accounts banned.