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Buyer wants to reduce price in active order what I do?

Hello Respected reader: last time my buyer want to reduce price in active already delivered work, so what i do in that situation as seller? Thanks for your valuable tips and suggestion :), As you all know that there is no such option to reduce price in active order so what to do in such situation?


As you all know that there is no such option on FIverr flatform


If you absolutely need to lower the price, I’d suggest cancelling the current order and make a new order at the new price.


Report customer service

what is the guarantee that seller will accept that order and mark complete if the buyer is scammer what i do


Make the new order first. Once they accept that one, then you can cancel the current one.

(Yes, it’s a pain, but Fiverr doesn’t have a partial-refund system, so that is their workaround.)

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we can’t make new order when you have active order with same client

Hey @naumanahmad475,
You can cancel your current order with proper submissions. Then create new order for your client.
But the main problem is when you cancel the running order then your work complete rate must be down. After 15 day is automatically work complete rate increase. So don’t worry about it.
It’s the only solution for you.

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Not a package order. The seller will need to build a custom offer in from the messaging system. The terms of the custom order will need to be manually written.

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Try to convince your client, you can offer him for some extra work. There is no option for reducing price after ordering a package. If buyer not convince, create a custom offer then cancel the previous one. Try to convince first. Thank you

Hi Nauman Ahmad,
There is no margin of reducing prices in the ongoing orders. Ask the buyer to pay full charges and in the next orders I will cooperate with you to reduce the price to a reasonable extent. Remind him that we started working together after mutual agreement, now follow the rules of Fiverr.
Hope it will help.
All the best