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Buyer Wants to Reduce the price after order

HI Everyone

Buyer has placed an order of $70. But now he wants to reduce them to $50. So is there any way to reduce the price without cancellation?

Thanks In advance :revolving_hearts:


No there is no way for that to happen. Once it’s locked in, it’s locked in. You could always cancel and then he could re-order. My experience, there is a greater chance for him not coming back with an order if he’s done that.

For me, I’m always firm on pricing and I don’t waiver. Sometimes you have no choice but to cancel, but I do whatever it takes to have an order completed even if it means I’m dealing with a difficult buyer who more then likely will give you a bad review.

You could always offer him extra services if he feels it’s too much. Do whatever it takes to save that order. Canceling an order is a bad idea.


The cancellation will affect your ranking no matter what you do or how you do, only thing sensible for you is to ask him to place the order for lower amount first and then cancel the previous order, also you can reduce the damage by asking him to place the order in two parts, ie $25 and $25. In this way while you are cancelling one order but still creating two orders so the damage will be little less than that.

You can go to CS too but I am pretty sure that it will be any useful for you, even if CS supports your decision to not to cancel the order but sill the buyer can charge-back.

The best would be to accept the deal and save your self from lower ranking and complete loss of earning.


Better give option gigs low price to high price. If this happen to bad for seller. Rank will low. Dont do this again.


You could tell buyer that he/she will have $20 deposit on my account…,
Buyer could use it for future project
If buyer satisfied with your first order…, he/she will 100% use that deposit.
and you will get two 5 star rating :slight_smile:


good plan! yip i agree

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Your buyer must re-order.

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Why would you want to go along with that? Tell him no, that is the price he agreed to pay when he ordered.

Sellers need to be very firm and not agree to things like this.


If your buyer is asking you to reduce the price, I’d strongly advise cancelling. Click on the buyers profile. Does it say that they joined Fiverr in September 2018? Also, did they order without messaging you first?

If the answer is yes to both of the above questions, they will likely be a scammer who intends to chargeback on an order. I say this as my CS refunded and chargebacked orders this year, all come from buyers who have asked for a partial refund, discount, our extra work FOC after ordering.

Alternatively, simply say:


I’m very sorry, but I only negotiate discounted rates prior to orders starting. I also only offer discounts to regular clients whom I have standing contractual arrangements with. If you believe that you have placed an order in error, please feel free to contact Fiverr customer service and they will refund you. Alternatively, let me know if you would like me to work on this project as-is.

Kind Regards,


If the buyer doesn’t respond, ask CS to cancel the order for you. Then (if you can) block the buyer from contacting you.

If the buyer asks you to complete the order as is, make sure to note (if you can) where your work will be used online by the buyer. Later if they do cancel, you can then prevent your work from being used by the buyer anyway.


I like to be blunt and firm when someone pulls something such as ordering and then asking for a lower price. If they have that much nerve, I have no problem telling them they will not get a lower price and I am proceeding immediately with their order.

I would never tell them to cancel the order. They ordered, they paid, and they will get what they paid for.


Politely asking the buyer if opening a “customer service ticket” would help.
Should get you the right answer from the buyer :sunglasses:


Thanks for your valuable advice

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Yes i have deal with him in $50

Thank you so much. It will hemp me lot

Thanks to all. My problem is solved :grinning: