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Buyer wants to report fiverr to the BBB

All I can say is… sigh…Some buyers really have issues. They didn’t even place an order with me, just messages.

These are the last two messages sent by the buyer… sigh.

photo Angry2_zpsoix8rioo.jpg<br>
photo Angry_zpswvnfkgdb.jpg

But the BBB lets you… buy… better reviews… I… ugh.

I sympathize totally (you had a nut) but how did you get such a smoot image integration in your message? Apart from the br–I can’t even get that. I just want to know how you integrated the images like soft butter.

Perhaps @idostuff4u can explain parts I don’t know or can’t say, but I can tell you the images were posted on a hosting site that the OP can reveal or not. Then HTML tags were used to display the images. You can find similar tags by searching for “img src=” or if you use an image hosting site it will generate the code for you to copy/paste.

Since the image upload function is mostly broken on the forum (for now) image-specific hosting sites are good workarounds that display better than uploaded images anyway.

Hi ‘emmaki’

It’s a screen shot that I uploaded to photobucket and I used the image code and pasted the html thingy in where it says "You may use these HTML tags and attributes:"

@fonthaunt Yes that’s exactly it :slight_smile:
You explained that better than I could.

lol… It’s an American company ‘Better Business Bureau’. Actually, there is some controversy about the BBB also… As I saw in this video >> … lol.

Thanks @fonthaunt and @idostuff4u. I imagine I will abuse this feature at some point in the coming year :wink:

Butter. :slight_smile: