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Buyer wants to send me a gift


Hey everybody :slight_smile:

So the story goes with my long term buyer that is literally in love with me, i have done 4-5 projects with me and sometimes i was mistaking colors while i was blending and because of it i he told me that he wanted to send me a gift of a new screen, i declined offer couple of times already because it’s too much kindness of him, but he insists to send me the one…

What should i do ? i also know that sharing any kind of contact information is prohibited here…


Sound good!

But we can’t share any person data on fiverr.

it might be decrease your profile rating.


Yep thanks for reply ! :slight_smile: i would have to decline the offer again


If a buyer wants to send you a gift, they can do so through a tip. if your buyer wants to send you a tip that is big enough to buy a specific item, you can create a custom quote for that. You cannot accept a material item sent through the mail. Your account would likely be banned for that, so the gift would be of no use to you for future orders.

If the buyer has really expressed feelings of “love” I would not suggest even accepting a large tip. This could be considered inappropriate and unprofessional.


Ooh, be careful! Don’t give people your address! Especially if he’s in love with you. That could end badly. :grimacing:


Yeah thanks so much for the replies !


A client of mine wanted to send me a copy of the book I had translated for him so I asked customer support.
They said it was ok so I gave my address to the client and they sent it.
If CS give you permission then its ok.


It can be dangerous, especially for a female, to give out her address to a stranger.


And two weeks later Eoin was abducted from his home, shackled, and put into forced labor in a far away diamond mine.

I too occasionally get free swag (not on Fiverr) but I never clients my real address. I give them the address of the empty apartment next door just in case they are secretly evil.


Good to know, thanks for the advice everyone.


Aha, that explains his profile picture, because “They call them the diamond dogs.”


I think the safety issue is different with a gift intended out of “love.” (No jokes implied since I’ve been a victim in a serious stalking situation.)


I’m not buying it tsk, tsk, tsk I bet it was a :gift: box of :chocolate_bar: chocolate. Be honest!

Ditto! It’s risky.


That is a huge red flag. Many stalkers are in “love” and send gifts at first.