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Buyer wants to share profits! what do i do?


Hello everyone.

my few weeks on Fiverr, has shown me that writing is not a very valuable skill anymore. I have lots of clients requesting for quotes but they almost always don’t reply after I’ve told them my price. I mean who expects someone with 2 degrees to write 1k words for $3.
but, I am here to build my business and the advice is that I should accept these orders for now.

I have worked with two clients who were very impressed with my work and they’ve offered to share their profits with me. I think this may be against F’s TOS as I will be communicating with the buyer outside of the system. but for me, it’s a good deal and the clients are willing, so why not?

is there any possibility that this could work?

Also, please can anybody tell me why my replies to client reviews are not showing on my profile page?



No - it’s completely against the ToS.

Your replies to client reviews are shown on the individual gig pages, not your profile.

If you want to charge more then do - nobody’s making you write 1000 words for $3. :slightly_smiling_face:


:roll_eyes: oh well, I tried

thank you, I have seen it now.

I remember when I first started, my prices were high and no one even asked for a quote. people on this forum said to prove your worth first. I don’t have a problem with clients who have a tight budget but value my service, it’s the ones that deliberately test you.

Buyer: Hi, I am messaging you because your profile looks very professional. are you available to work with me?

Me: yes, I am an expert, I am less busy and would be glad to work on your project. what is the topic of your book?

Buyer: it called (xxx), it will be 30,000 words. I’ll pay you $55 to deliver in 7 days.

Really?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I just can’t wait to level up, maybe that will help.

Thanks Though.


Suggest you read the recently updated Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. Well worth a read as a violation can risk your account.


That’s a buyer asking you if you would do something for a very low price. You don’t have to accept!

You can set your prices for your gigs as you want. :slightly_smiling_face:


I guess I should do that, I will take a look at it this weekend.


I did not accept that particular order. in the future when I have better-paying clients, I will not even give an answer to such requests.



Hello, none whatsoever.


Thank you, I have read F’s TOS and you are correct.


That´s not advisable because Response Rate and Level are linked from Jan 15 onwards, see here. You can save and use a quick response, though. :wink:

And don´t think writing isn´t a valuable skill anymore, you only need to find enough people who know it is and are willing to pay a fair price for it too over time. :slight_smile:


Even if you were allowed to profit share on Fiverr you would be insane to agree to it.

It entails you writing for no pay, any pay you might be due is dependent on the “buyer” being competent which is highly doubtful and finally you are making a deal with an anonymous person on the internet hoping that they will be honest and come back with the money for you…
You would be better to write your own blog than on a profit sharing scheme.


When a client tells me he wants to they want me to work and are “willing to share any profits” - i run away. I don’t want the profits, i want my fee paid. Those guys usualy come along with: “your prices are too high”, “i dont make any money yet”, “this isnt even a business yet so i dont want to pay you” etc etc etc HUGE red flag.

PS: Communicating outside of Fiverr is against TOS. So it comes down to: is 1 client worth jeopardizing your Fiverr Career ?


Sad but true, we are now forced to respond to every message because of the new system.

I really can’t wait to find these top quality buyers, any idea where I can search for them? :grinning: because they are definitely not in the BR section.

I see what you mean but as a new seller, crazy thoughts just go through your mind. thanks though for the advice. I guess I’ll just tell my buyers to tip me instead if they like my work so much.

This is exactly what I’m experiencing, they say my price is too high so they want to offer profit sharing. I can’t believe I seriously taught that this was a good idea, lol.

thanks for the tip, I’ll run away from those profit sharing buyers next time.


Check fiverr costumer support. Maybe they can pay you through fiverr, which will take %20 of your earning.


Wait, Fiverr has a costume department? :open_mouth:

I’ve worn my share of costumes. I’d like to check out this “costumer support”.


The mere fact that it is against the ToS doesn’t say that it wouldn’t work.
The risk is that you can get banned.
If the shared profits are higher than what you would earn during a certain period of time on the platform, then it’s entirely up to you to decide of the ban would be worth that risk.

This is not in any way an advice to violate the ToS. It’s only something to consider before taking actions you might regret in the long run.


You made me think I made a typo for a moment.

What I mean is, let’s say her profit share of the book is $5000, her partners can make an order of $5000 here on fiverr, she takes $4000, and fiverr takes $1000.

This is just an idea, the best I can think of. She should contact them and check first if she wants.