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Buyer wants to spoil my profile

hello everyone, i am facing an issue with a buyer and he placed the order without even telling me and did not submit any requirements , he just accepted a custom offer which i sent him 3 or 4 days ago for when he first contacted me , and now he’s saying that he will drop a negative review just to spoil my profile and rating , when i asked him to cancel the order he started threatening me that if requested to cancel , he will report me , i reported his message and his profile too, i also registered a complaint against him to CS but i am getting no response from CS and its almost 12 hours remaining from the order deadline , i am very much worried about it, on one side the 1 star review will spoil my profile and on the other hand if he reports me , my account can face issues , what should i do , i have not yet blocked him , being afraid of getting reported or something like this , what should i do ??? please guide me


FIVERR should introduce opportunity to make clarifications through dialogue. Then only a seller can send offers. In many cases, the buyer requests are not clear and in a hurry new sellers are sending acceptance message.


what should i do now, if i cancel the order i am afraid he may report me

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Due to Covid-19 CS takes 2 to 3 days to respond.


Why didn’t you provide order questions for him to answer? An order does not start until the buyer provides answers to your order needs. If there were no automated questions for him to answer, then the order countdown started immediately – and that’s your fault, not his.

If you reported him to Fiverr, the only things you can do at this point are:

  • Convince him to tell you what he needs you to do, and then deliver that before the deadline
  • Wait for Fiverr to respond, and risk the order going into late status
  • Cancel the order and be done with it

Take your pick. If the order is cancelled, the buyer cannot leave a review. If you let the order timer run out without delivering anything, you risk a negative review whenever you do deliver work, and your metrics take a hit for a late order.


He only wants to spoil my profile and thats why he doesn’t want me to cancel the order, lets say if i cancelled the order and block him, will he still be able to Report me?

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Why would you send him a custom offer if he didn’t tell you exactly what needs to be done? How can you send a custom offer if you have no idea about the scope of work?


He told me the scope 4 days ago and he then asked me to send him a custom offer so that he can submit requirements there, i sent him the offer but he didn’t accept the offer at that time and yesterday he accepted it, i don’t know either he is a fake person or something else,

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PLEASE don’t take up every single order that comes your way, it’s YOUR responsibility to inquire about everything regarding the scope of the order before sending any sort of custom requests. Personally I would never send someone a request if I didn’t know what I was working on, it’s just a bad idea for a freelancer!

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Why didn’t you make the requirements in the offer mandatory? That way the order wouldn’t start until the buyer submits something.


Oh thats sad. I wish you luck

What should I do now?

Also, there is no such thing as reporting a seller for cancelling an order. But there IS the option to report a buyer for threatening with a bad review. It’s going to be fine.


Yes, you can screenshot it as a proof that the buyer is threatening you, Fiverr will help you cancel the order, it’s happened to me before, I send them the evidence for them to check :slight_smile: Good luck

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If he reports my profile after cancellation? He is threatening me of reporting me

Alright, thank you very much!!!

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No problem, good luck :slight_smile:

I did but CS is not replying to my message

He can’t review you if you don’t do the order and he can’t force you to do the order. He can’t report you for wanting to cancel.

Don’t do the order and don’t be blackmailed. Keep trying to cancel.

CS is overloaded right now.

I don’t understand why you didn’t make it required for the buyer to fill out the requirements section.

I just went through all my GIGs to double-check did I put both text and files in attachment mandatory, especially for graphic GIGs.
I did not set it on two GIGs. Uffff. Fixed now.

EDIT: I do not know what is happening in my case, but every time I contacted CS they responded in 1 to 2 hours max. Yesterday I filed a report against the buyer and they replied in 80 minutes.
It has been like this for me since day one, 2017.