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Buyer wants to video call. Is that okay?

A client is requesting for ■■■■■. Is it okay? Or is it a violation of the rules to share private contact details? I don’t want to receive any account holds so please, assist before I makee a mistake.


Usually, no, you are not allowed to video or chat call someone here.

But, you can write to customer service and explain the situation and ask if it would be OK.

Why does the person need to do a video call?



Honestly, I don’t even know. I already delivered my work and clientt says it’s impressive, although I’m awaiting the 3rd day for payment to reflect.

I don’t think he has any positive intention :upside_down_face:

I will suggest you don’t agree to it because I kinda feel his intentions are negative, if truly he was impress why didn’t he complete the order rather than waiting for auto complete… just be careful anyway

Yes, you can do Video calls for Training purposes or any Project Presting purpose. When you will take an order, please mention your requirements on the GiG offer Description space. Like

  1. I have to communicate with the Buyers using Zoom for training purposes.

If fiverr algorithm will mark you but Fiverr Authority will not take any action against you.