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Buyer wants videocall

A buyer wants to place an order with me. He has already explained what his order will entail. But, he asked if we can talk via videochat aswell. He hasn’t really explained why though. Maybe to get acquainted or to explain some extra stuff about the order? I’m not sure I can trust it. In addition, our time zones are 8 hours apart… What should I do?


I wouldn’t trust him because I’m not really sure what he can tell you in a videocall that he can’t type out in a message!


You can only video call if it essential to the completion of an order. Even then, the contact information has to be placed as part of the order - and it is best to seek permission from customer support.

Otherwise giving out any contact info that will allow a buyer to chat with you outside of the Fiverr platform is forbidden.

And how do you prove that exchanging contact info is essential? It is very difficult, which is why many experienced sellers say don’t even bother trying.

A good buyer won’t put you in this position to start with. They will simply write clear instructions. Better still, your gig will clearly explain the service you offer - meaning the buyer won’t need to add anything extra.


I do indeed feel awkward to be placed in this position by the buyer. He already gave me clear instructions to begin with anyway. But I’m not one to easily say no, which is why I started this topic. It’s good to hear your advice on it. Thank you.


I’m forever saying this in the forum, sellers need to protect their account at all times.

Don’t compromise your standards or ability to earn money because a bad buyer asks you to.


Be careful. We have sellers here saying they got to see a lot of :crazy_face: :nauseated_face: things when accepting video call.

If you have everything explain to the client that a video call is not necessary plus if he wants a video call he needs to get a business account on Fiverr that allows video calls and they are then recorded and viewed by Fiverr staff.


Sounds a bit creepy to me.

I bet if your profile photo was of a dog or a guy, the request for a video call would never have happened.

Just a suspicion I have.

Be careful, stay safe out there.


Yeah, definitely sounds like a creep attracted by your profile picture.
But even if it was a genuine buyer, the ones who want to have a call over some affordable service that can be fully explained in text normally only mean a lot of headache and unnecessary revisions.
If they feel they can be more articulate in voice, you can ask them to record a video or audio with their requirements and send it to you within fiverr.


I appreciate your good answer :heart:

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I was going to say, I think the “buyer” wants to show her something…

@mvrphotodesign Don’t be a pushover or one who does not easily say no. Boundaries and the word NO here is a GOOD thing. Especially when your gut is telling you something is odd about this person!


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Thank you for all the help :slight_smile:. It appears the Fiverr team is already looking into it. When I try to message him again, I get a notification that he might have violated the terms of service.


Trust your gut but in order to go to higher grounds sometimes it will be uncomfortable

It seems you were able to avoid a very difficult buyer. So far so good