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Buyer wants virtual training service


Please help, a buyer is asking whether I can join his online class to answer a few questions on a globalization. Is it permitted on fiverr? If yes, how do we share meeting details please as I know sharing of personal information is prohibited. Please share the way forward.

Thank you!


as far I know…
Only site are approved in Fiverr; those are allowed regarding your gig services…

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Hi. Since I’ve received different responses regarding different “contact situations”, I’d run that specific situation by support, to be safe. It’s also helpful in case the response is negative if you can tell your buyer that you asked support and unfortunately it’s against Fiverr’s policy.


Thanks, I tried writing to support but I could not see the right category.

I just look for something that’s general or close enough to what I want to ask if I can’t find an exact fit, that hasn’t ever been an issue, they can forward it if it doesn’t belong on their desk.

I hope you’ll get the reply you’re hoping for!

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