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Buyer wants work on his own website?

A buyer messaged me on Fiverr to maker 2 animated videos for his freelancing website like fiverr[one for freelancers to sign up and other for the buyers to get the services done at a min price of $5]
he ordered the gig for the one video[for freelancer to sign up]
and I delivered the work and he accepted it.

But now he wants his 2nd video [to encourage buyers for his website] on his own freelancing website he said "service charges there are only 10% not 20%like Fiverr.

Should i work with him or not?


Hmm, I dont think why you can’t work on his project. It’s just another animation video.
The 2nd video can be consider as promotion video, so it’s just a normal promotion video, so there is not breaking of any TOS rules.


There’s no ToS that says you can’t work with Fiverr’s competitors.


There shouldn’t be any problems, sounds like a legitimate animation video.

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Can be a scam, just be careful that his website does have the same protection as Fiverr.
If you can’t confirm that you can better stay on Fiverr.

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Interesting. Good point. Because maybe the buyer will try to coerce the seller into selling via their platform instead, which may also be fraudulent?

Is that what you meant?

The more I think of it the more that seems plausible. If the buyer mentioned their rate is cheaper than Fiverr that is a value proposition and they wouldn’t do that unless they would want to coerce you.

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I’m pretty sure that it is against Fiverr TOS because you’ve met the buyer on Fiverr.
The moment you start your communication here, you cannot switch to a different platform.
But I could be mistaken.


Everything is Good, Your Going Good With Fiverr You are not Breaking any rule. Don’t Worry About it and Go Fine With Your Work

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when i said that i will deliver the 2nd video on fiverr he said he wants the second video on his own freelancing platform otherwise he will not work here.
should i work with him on his website.

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This is a quite tricky question.
Because some of us have work on different freelancer website. Not only Fiverr.
So I’m not sure whether you can go to other freelancer platform and start getting orders…

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I knew it!
Of course not. You’re asking me if you should break the ToS and let the buyer cull business from Fiverr to his own platform. Of course it isn’t. Think about it.

Why would I say you should do this? Please think critically. Stop thinking there is a way to break the ToS. It’s deeply concerning that you even have to ask if this is okay.

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It’s not tricky at all. He said himself that the buyer will only work with him if he does the second order on his own platform. Of course you don’t work with someone who is using Fiverr to cull business away from it…

Did you see his further addition after my question? The buyer says he’ll only work with him if he does the other order on his own platform.

The buyer is using Fiverr to try to drive business away from Fiverr. The seller only disclosed this when I suggested maybe this was going on… And the seller is asking us if it’s okay to break the ToS to let the buyer cull business away from Fiverr.


You need to substantiate why “Everything is Good”. Why do you say this?

The op’s post isn’t entirely clear when it comes to this phrase:

If the op means his buyer will only accept the second delivery through his own rival marketplace platform - then of course that’s not okay. It would break Fiverr’s TOS as a result of having to communicate outside of Fiverr.

Please don’t encourage people to take a course of action when it might be wrong.

Your confidence is misplaced and your use of bold to highlight it even more so.

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Yes. That’s exactly what is going on:

He just conveniently left that out of his original post… and then after saying that, he asked me if he should work with him…

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No, or you will get banned from Fiverr.

You can politely inform your buyer that, as per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, allt he communication, materials exchange, and deliveries have to go through Fiverr.


Okay, thanks… I will do the same.

Just proves Fiverr is full of shit. People are free to work with who they want, but Fiverr wants to control that.

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Sure they are, but if the contact starts through Fiverr, the work should be done through Fiverr, too.

Fiverr wants their share. If the job is taken elsewhere, they don’t get their 20%. They’re defending their profits, like any business would do.

There’s another big freelancing platform (starts with U) where the buyer and the seller who find each other through that platform have to pay an exit fee if they want to work together elsewhere.

I understand that and agree for the most part. I’m not saying use Fiverr to start a job and then finish outside of Fiverr. That would be lame. Fiverr deserves their money.

But what I am saying is Fiverr stops you from trying to make a professional contact. And, that’s just short of illegal.

If I use a pro from Fiverr for let’s say, 10 gigs, and then I decide you know what, I like this person, I want to hire them full time and pay them a salary. I can’t. Fiverr prevents that, and that is bullshit. Fiverr doesn’t own this person. They don’t own their work or their right to work.

I can’t not ask for their ■■■■■ or email. And that my friend, is the opposite of being free to work with whomever you want.