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Buyer wants work outside the scope of the gig. What should I do?


I’m in the middle of a conversation with a buyer right now who’s requesting things outside of what’s described in my gig because they forgot to read the gig description/FAQs. Now they want to cancel and get a refund.

What should I do?


So sorry you’re dealing with this. In my opinion, buyers being able to purchase gigs at whatever price they want without having it approved by the seller first is one of this platform’s biggest flaws. In my experience there are 2 options, none of which likely result in fair compensation.

The first is a good faith exception. If you can explain to your buyer that this is not what is offered in your gig, have sent over a gig extra that has been declined, I would again explain your position, and add that you’re willing to make a one-time exception. I’ve found that the buyer is consequently kind and grateful, and generally makes good on what they owe with a future order or tip. However, if they’re asking for something insanely out of scope of what they ordered (a more than $30 difference), I would honestly just recommend allowing the cancellation to happen.

As awful as it is (because cancellation rates now directly affect our levels), it’s so much better to let it go than allow for an out of control buyer to take over your order. Whenever there are warning signs (multiple messages, begging, intimidation, etc), I generally resign myself to the fact that I will have to cancel to preserve my rating (and, at times, dignity. lol!). Your rating will go down, but as long as you get 2-3 more orders this month, you will not take a level hit. I’ve found that in the many, many occasions a buyer has tried to take more for less money, my repeatedly asking them for the fair amount only results in a bad rating. I’ve only had 2-3 ratings that were less than 5 stars in the past, and I’ve found that they hurt my business much more than a cancellation does. Some people cannot be satisfied, and they’re usually the ones asking for more than they know they’ve paid for.


to be honest there are not many thing that you can do … I usually don’t argue with anyone , if a buyer is serious he will pay for what he requested if not… you are only going to waste your time , he can ask for whatever he wants , you can deliver exactly what he says and in the end he can still cancel the order , in my opinion in these situation it’s best to take your loss and save your time … otherwise you will invest more time in something that can be cancelled anyway in plus like this you’re avoiding a bad review .


I totally agree with you about this issue being Fiverr’s biggest flaw.

I love being a Fiverr seller, but I restrict my business here precisely of the risks involved with problematic buyers. I would bring Fiverr a lot more business if I was protected better and not penalized for buyers’ mistakes and unethical actions.


Thank you everyone for your help! I went ahead and cancelled the order :slight_smile: