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Buyer was able to open a dispute even if we were able to finish the order


I had a buyer who told me that he wanted to add animations to his lyrics video. Now, I asked him first… “Do you have any sample references as to what you want your video to look like?” Then he sent me in the music video to put the lyrics on. So I wasn’t sure of what direction to take because he wanted animated lyrics to his music video. So I thought that we just add some animated effects here and there. We were able to deliver the video on time. He made a revision about the alignment of the lyrics and didn’t complain about the animations of the lyrics. Just now, he opened a dispute to cancel the video because the lyric animations wasn’t to his liking. So I was kinda appalled by this. The order was finished, he made a revision not questioning the animations of the lyrics. But he was able to open a dispute because it wasn’t to his liking? It’s kinda unfair on my end since he could keep the video and still even gets his money back.

What should I do?


How much was the order worth?


I gave him a custom offer of $50.


I see, if you’ve delivered everything as intended then just tell him you can’t cancel since the service was provided as described.


Actually web have nothing to do for this situation . :expressionless: