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Buyer was failed to communicate [DUPLICATE]


Hi everyone,
I’m Nibedita from Bangladesh. I’m new in Fiverr and done 6 projects so far but I’m facing a problem with my last buyer. I did a project for him last week and he again order me for another thing which I need to deliver within 3 days and I told him clearly that stay connected until delivery as he needs too many revisions in his project. I did his project within 23 hours and send him as a sample and ask for changes that he needs but no response, even After three working days I tried a lot to reach him, send him so many messages and also done additional 3 design as option for him so that he satisfy but no reply. Then I deliver him with those additional design and after 3 days the order completed automatically and the buyer still have no response!! today he contact me and felt sorry for not communicate as they are suffering from natural disaster and he could’nt contact and send me another design to redo that project then I told him I would definitely do that but as the delivery accepted I can’t deliver you again as Fiverr left no option like that. Then he get angry and left me a 1 star review. Now you tell me guys what was my fault and what can I do to recover my 5 star rating as I got all 5 star for my previous projects.

Important Note: In this short period of time in my Fiverr journey I face this buyer communication problem means after the order proceed they don’t communicate with me at all though I told them about the continuous communication with me but they don’t care,after delivery they ask me for thousand revision. How to deal with this. Please give me solution of this major issue.


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It is true that there was a natural disaster in Peru, which would go a long way to explaining both why they were unable to communicate with you and their general irritability.

Since you live in Bangladesh, I’m sure you’d want some lenience if a flood or other natural disaster broke your channels of communication? You need to either fix this with the buyer and bend the rules, or just take the review on the chin.

Either way, natural disaster tends to screw up everything.

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