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Buyer was highly satisfied with delivery, but left 3.5 stars?


Something really funny just happened. :smiley:
A buyer was very satisfied with what i delivered him as an animation. BUT to my surprise, he had left a 3.5 star rating with a review of " good job! will do more work with him!"

When i asked him why only 3.5 , he just said… { wait for it…}

he said…



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My story:

A buyer said that he loves my design I did for him and he confirmed to get the final files to complete our order.
After getting everything, he gave me…1 star rating and said that “he dislikes the design”, “I am a cheater”, blah blah :slight_smile:

  • I asked this buyer and he declined to change this review.
  • I asked Fiverr support and they declined to help.

Life is not fair, so Fiverr is :slight_smile:




absolutely! some buyers are from a distant civilization i guess :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know the real reason for this behavior. Both of the bad reviews I got were from buyers who told me everything was perfect and they were very pleased.


I really don’t understand those buyers!
I am sure that he asked you to do the job because he saw that you have so many good reviews. He wouldn’t have tried to give the job to a seller who has 3.5!
3.5 is as fun as 4.9 or 5!

Yesterday I read on this forum that a buyer told to a seller that is policy was to never give more than 4 stars. Why he doesn’t hire sellers with 4 stars ?!