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Buyer was not satisfied want to cancel the order, need help


a buyer place the order, and after 3 days the order is automatically mark as complete , and then buyer come again and ask me for revision in message , after 8 to 9 times revision he demand another brand new project , so i make for him another brand new project but he still ask for revision 8 times, and now he told me i want to cancel the order ,but actually i want to cancel the order too ,but i don’t know how ,


Well in this case you need to contact support center and ask them to cancel it


you should contact CS and cancel the order


So you want to give a buyer two projects that you have revised 8 times each for free?
Why would you do that?


Put your blooming foot down! I had a buyer last week who ordered my $30 writing and 30 second video gig. I delivered and they said, “Oh, actually, I don’t need an article writing and I think I want the one-minute video you offer in your other gig.”

I was blooming fuming. However, I bit the bullet and created another 1-minute video fir this client which had to be revised twice due to their script changing. (Your talking a full day’s worknhere for $24).

Finally, the buyer said they were happy and three days later the order automatically completed. Then yesterday, the same buyer is back saying that they want a full revision again with more custom scenes added. No. Absolutely not. Either make and pay for an entirely new order or go and drink a glass of lava.

I understand why people cancel orders after situations like this and why sellers bend over backwards to please clients. What you need to remember, however, is that once you do this, the same thing will keep on happening over. Much more importantly, cancelled orders sre much wore for sellers than bad reviews or late deliveries.

Tell your buyer no and direct them to customer service. Then message customer service yourself explaining this situation. Whatever you do, though, do not cancel!


I feel my peace of mind is valuable so I don’t have a problem with cancelling sometimes for that reason on the very rare times when a buyer is making me aggravated repeatedly.

It’s terrible what this buyer did to the OP. @ahmadali321 There comes a point when you just want them to go away. I say go ahead and cancel since they are torturing you. Contact customer support.


Be wise my brother, I have a feeling that the buyer wants the job for free, if you get angry and councel the sales, they win, so relax, and gain inspiration and advice on how to get your money.